How to Earn Bitcoin Using ASICs

  • 16:53 Dec 18, 2023
How to Earn Bitcoin Using ASICs

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency globally, created in 2009, and its value has multiplied many times since then. Many people want to earn bitcoins but do not know how to do it.

One way to earn bitcoins is through mining, the process of producing new bitcoins. Special devices called ASICs are used for mining.

ASIC is a specialized computer designed for bitcoin mining. ASICs are powerful but consume a significant amount of electricity.

To start mining bitcoin, you need to acquire an ASIC and connect it to the network. After that, you can begin mining bitcoin.

How to Choose an ASIC?

When choosing an ASIC, consider the following factors:

  • Hashrate: The speed at which an ASIC can perform calculations. Higher hashrate allows you to mine more bitcoins.
  • Power Consumption: ASICs consume a lot of electricity. It's crucial to choose an ASIC with low power consumption to reduce expenses.
  • Price: ASICs can be expensive. Choose an ASIC within your budget.

Buying Advice for ASICs

Various ASIC models are available in the market. Here are some recommendations:

  • For beginner miners, models with low hashrate and power consumption like Antminer S19j Pro or Whatsminer M30S are suitable.
  • For experienced miners, models with high hashrate such as Antminer S19 XP or Whatsminer M31S+ are suitable.

Consider additional factors when choosing an ASIC:

  • Noise Level: ASICs can be very noisy, so consider the noise level if you plan to mine at home.
  • Temperature: ASICs generate a lot of heat, ensure proper cooling.
  • Warranty: ASICs can be expensive, so ensure it comes with a warranty.

Additional Bitcoin Mining Tips:

  • Join a mining pool to increase the chances of getting rewards.
  • Use a crypto wallet to store your bitcoins.
  • Ensure the security of your bitcoins. Keep them in a secure place and use reliable passwords.

Bitcoin mining can be profitable, but it's essential to understand the risks. Before starting, thoroughly study all aspects and assess the risks.


Bitcoin mining is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and skills. Before starting, carefully study all aspects of the process.

If you decide to start mining bitcoin, choose an ASIC that suits your needs and budget. When selecting an ASIC, consider factors such as hashrate, power consumption, price, noise level, temperature, and warranties. Experts at the Interhash online store can always help you with this.

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