How to Mine Bitcoin

  • 17:00 Dec 18, 2023
How to Mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin, which has become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world since its creation in 2009, has significantly increased in value. Bitcoin mining is the process of extracting new coins, and for this purpose, specialized devices called ASIC miners are used.

What is an ASIC Miner

An ASIC miner is a computing device specifically designed for bitcoin mining. They have high processing power but consume a significant amount of electricity.

Choosing an ASIC Miner

When choosing an ASIC miner, several key factors should be considered:

  1. Hashrate: The speed at which the device performs calculations. The higher the hashrate, the more bitcoins you can mine.
  2. Power Consumption: Note that ASIC miners consume a lot of electricity. It is wise to choose a device with low power consumption to reduce expenses.
  3. Price: Devices of this type are quite expensive, so it is essential to assess affordability for your budget.

Choosing Recommendations

For beginners, it is recommended to pay attention to devices with low hashrate and power consumption, such as Antminer S19j Pro or Whatsminer M30S. The Interhash online store is always ready to help you make the right choice for high-yield mining equipment.

Example: Antminer S19j Pro has a hashrate of 104 TH/s and power consumption of 3250 W. The cost is approximately $1500.

Experienced miners may consider devices with a higher hashrate, such as Antminer S19 XP or Whatsminer M31S+.

Example: Antminer S19 XP with a hashrate of 140 TH/s and power consumption of 3600 W. The cost is around $3400.

Other important factors when choosing include noise level, temperature conditions, and the presence of a warranty to prevent unforeseen expenses.

Setting Up the ASIC Miner

  1. Connecting to the Network: Connect the device to the power source and the internet via an Ethernet port.
  2. Joining a Mining Pool: Create an account on the mining pool's website and specify your ASIC miner's address.

Starting Mining

Launch the software — use mining pools and provided programs to start mining bitcoins.

Monitoring Profitability

Use specialized services to monitor the bitcoin's value, your device's hashrate, and the number of mined coins.


Bitcoin mining on ASIC miners is a complex process that requires an understanding of various aspects. Before starting mining, it is crucial to thoroughly study all aspects of this process.

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