What is KH/s and GH/s in mining

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  • 16:32 Feb 15, 2023
What is KH/s and GH/s in mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the mining of virtual coins using asics or graphics cards (GPUs). To get BTC, you need to add a block to the network and do it faster than others. For such an action, you need equipment with impressive power, hashing speed. But what are KH/s and GH/s in mining? What are the peculiarities of these characteristics? What affects the hash rate? Ultramining.com decided to find out.

What H/s in mining means

Hash rate – H/s – is an important characteristic in cryptocurrency mining. Because it determines the profitability of mining virtual coins. This indicator is important to consider when purchasing crypto mining equipment and when choosing a blockchain.

Hash rate is also called hash rate. This word has two complementary meanings.

  • The total processing power of a crypto network.
  • The number of hashes produced per second.

In mining, power is the speed at which a cryptographic task is solved. If the equipment has a high hash rate, then it will be able to add a block to the network faster, and the owner of the device will be rewarded with a virtual coin.

This method of mining crypto is suitable for PoW ("Proof-of-work"). To get bitcoin, which is on this consensus algorithm, you will need powerful hardware with high hashing rates. And an asicic alone probably won't be enough. Mining farms with hundreds of new bitcoin mining devices and a cooling system are used to effectively mine BTC.

But on PoW you can get other virtual coins as well. For example, ZEC. Devices with low KH/s and GH/s in mining will also be suitable for its mining.

How to calculate the hash rate of specific equipment

To find out the H/s indicator is necessary to tune up the equipment and to ensure its efficient operation.

The main ways to get information about the hashrate.

  • You need to turn on the device, run the program console and check the equipment, its indicators in it. All the configuration, settings and features of the ashik will be taken into account.
  • What to do if the equipment has not yet been purchased? You need to find special tables with information about video cards and integrated circuits. Get the data on forums or after contacting those who already use the model of equipment you need.

The hash rate of a particular miner will be affected by:

  • hashing algorithm. If mining bitcoin, you need to choose devices synchronized with SHA256;
  • the number of pieces of equipment. You will need more asics or video cards for the right hash rate;
  • the level of temperature, which is necessary for the work of miners;
  • pool on which virtual coins will be mined.

The difference between KH/s, GH/s and TH/s in mining

Let's decipher these values related to hash rate:

  • kilo hash/s (KH/s);
  • gigahesh/sec (GH/s);
  • ter hash/s (TH/s).

How many hashes are in each of these values? Which one is bigger?

1 KH/s is 1,000 H/s.

1 GH/s is 1,000,000,000 H/s.

1 TH/s is 1,000,000,000,000 H/s.

Hash rate

As we mentioned above, hashing speed is an important metric in mining. Choose devices with the highest H/s value.

By the way

Hash is an element of the blockchain algorithm. It refers to a unique set of characters characteristic of certain incoming information.

Hash is not only used in mining and crypto. Its properties help in checking data integrity, encryption, storing passwords and more.


To accurately convert KH/s and GH/s in mining (and other values) you should use a hash rate calculator. You will need to enter the hash rate of your equipment. The service will then convert the specified value into other units of measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a good quality hash rate calculator?

There are a sufficient number of such services on the Internet. Each of them precisely converts your value to other units. But an objective hash rate can be affected by other factors related to your device.

Which devices have a higher hash rate: GPUs or asik-mainers?

After Ethereum switched to PoS, the sales of video cards decreased. But they used to be inferior to asics in terms of power and other characteristics.

Does H/s change?

Yes. Take BTC as an example. Its mining complexity is unstable. When it increases, it takes more power and time to mine this virtual coin.

We hope you were able to get answers to your questions about hashing speed. Ultramining.com will continue to publish materials on difficult topics related to mining.

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