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Cryptocurrency mining has become one of the popular avenues for generating passive income since the inception of the fundamentally new financial system. Initially, miners could engage in this activity through a single method—buying specialized equipment. To mine digital coins, substantial computing power and high-performance PCs were required, along with the installation and configuration of specialized software. All of this demanded considerable financial investment and a certain level of skills and knowledge from the start.

Cloud mining, a new concept in this niche, has brought several advantages to miners. Joining such activity today takes just a few minutes, and choosing a reliable service is crucial—enter Shamining.

Service Features

Shamining is a company operating under official registration and licensing conditions, giving it a certain legal status. The organization has been active since 2018, and cloud mining was introduced as another service on the Shamining platform in 2019.

According to information provided on the official website and confirmed by user reviews, Shamining integrates unique modern intelligent tools that ensure more efficient cryptocurrency mining and stable miner income. Payouts are made daily and without issues.

The company's data centers are located in various countries:

  • South Africa;
  • England;
  • USA.

To reduce the cost of computational processes, the company successfully implements green technologies—electricity is generated using solar and wind energy concentration equipment.

Operating Principle

Working on the Shamining platform in remote cloud mining format involves the user:

  • Going through a simple registration procedure.
  • Purchasing a contract for a specific hash rate volume.

Upon receiving payment, users have the option to reinvest it in additional power, dynamically increasing their profits.

Withdrawal of Funds

The service appeals to both experienced miners and beginners. Profit can be withdrawn through various methods:

  • Bank card;
  • Cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Bank transfer.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal is available in bitcoins. Withdrawal requests are accepted daily, and automatic payout occurs within 24 hours from the withdrawal request. According to Shamining's cloud mining terms, the minimum withdrawal amount must be equivalent to 0.001 BTC.


Every new user of Shamining's cloud mining can quickly and easily calculate the projected income. To do this, they can use the dedicated option in a special section.

In the calculator, users need to input the following data:

  • Investment amount.
  • Bonus amount—the company offers very favorable conditions.
  • Hash rate volume to be obtained for the specified amount.

The system will automatically calculate and provide forecasted results for daily, monthly, and yearly earnings. If the conditions are satisfactory, users can proceed to accept the terms of the user agreement and make the contract payment after completing the registration.

Creating a personal account on the Shamining platform requires the following information: full name, email address, and the mobile phone number registered in the country of residence.

Users can immediately join the affiliate program to enhance profitability. The base profit rate for each contract from a referred user is 20% of the contract amount.

Pros and Cons

Making a decision on which cloud mining site to choose for cryptocurrency mining should be based on the analyzed pros and cons, taking into account publicly available information and reviews.

Pros of Shamining Cloud Mining:

  • No need for equipment investment.
  • No need for utility bill payments for electricity.
  • No significant technical knowledge or skills required for assembling mining rigs, equipment setup, and software connection.
  • Adequate commission conditions.
  • Various contract formats, with the minimum lasting for 3 days and having a very reasonable cost.
  • Clear profit payout every day.
  • Support for cryptocurrency and fiat payments for contract payments and profit withdrawals.
  • User-friendly platform interface.

Cons on the Shamining Cloud Mining Site:

  • Risks of capital and investment loss due to high cryptocurrency volatility.
  • Limited range of cryptocurrencies available for mining.

Shamining is a good service to understand the principles of mining without immediately investing in expensive equipment. This platform can be considered as an option for additional passive income or the primary source of earnings if the initial capital and additional funds from profits are allocated wisely.