Bitfufu - cloud mining

Originally, mining implied a singular method of profit – purchasing specialized equipment, installing corresponding software, stable processes, resulting in regular rewards for each mined block. With the dynamic evolution of the cryptocurrency market and the expansion of technical capabilities, new ways emerged to eliminate significant financial expenditures at the outset while still generating profits.
BitFufu is one of the companies successfully conducting cloud mining business for three years, providing various cloud mining opportunities. Connecting to this platform is advantageous for users as the onboarding process in this niche takes only a few minutes, and the initial capital required is minimal since there's no need to purchase equipment.
Similar services are offered by various companies, and BitFufu gains clients' trust due to its reliability, security, and well-thought-out strategy. According to global rankings based on companies with similar activities worldwide, BitFufu holds a leading position.

Registration Bonuses

Steady expansion of the user base is a factor contributing to business success. Therefore, BitFufu's cloud mining comes with attractive bonus offers:
  • A $10 gift for purchasing hash rate, which can be activated within a month after receiving it and applied a week after platform registration.
  • $20 USD, available as a bonus for new service users, can be activated within 15 days after registration.
  • $50, credited to each new user after 1 month of active account activity following registration.
Additionally, a bonus point system is applied, later exchangeable for discounts on additional hash rates. A referral program is also in place, potentially increasing the initial profitability of working on the BitFufu cloud mining service. According to reviews, all conditions stated by BitFufu are honestly and transparently adhered to.

Service Features

The company doesn't solely focus on one type of cloud mining and provides services in various formats:
  • Renting computational power from the company's equipment: Clients sign a contract for a specific amount of computational power (hash rate) remotely participating in block mining, and receive rewards once a new block is mined.
  • Equipment sales: Through BitFufu, one can purchase components for creating their mining farm from the current leading manufacturer, Bitmain, on favorable terms.
  • Hosting rental: Miners are located on the company's dedicated servers, significantly reducing costs during mining and allowing for greater profitability. The company's team handles service and process management.
  • Investment: BitFufu provides consultations to choose a profitable long-term project for investment.
For mining, the most demanded cryptocurrencies today are available:
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • USDT
Thanks to implemented intelligent technologies, mining processes are automatically adjusted, considering the current market situation.

Operating Principle

When choosing a suitable cloud mining platform, it's essential to consider BitFufu's peculiarities:
  • The website lacks a Russian version.
  • To avoid serious transaction amount limits, account data verification is necessary.
  • The minimum contract duration is 3 days.
  • Available power volume starts from 10 TH/s.
The cost of contracts already includes the electricity payment.
The registration process is streamlined, taking only a few minutes. Afterward, one can promptly pay for the selected contract tariff and connect to cloud mining. To do this, provide an email address, create a login, and set a password for system access.
Profits are withdrawn daily, and real-time profitability data can be obtained through a special section in the user account.


Assessing the profitability of working on the BitFufu platform is not a problem. To do so, carefully review the conditions for the selected tariff plan directly on the official cloud mining website. If desired, an online calculator can be used, requiring input of the following data:
  • Purchased hash rate volume
  • Hash rate cost
  • System commission amount
  • Contract duration in days
Payments are accepted in cryptocurrency. To reduce costs, profits can be used in the future without withdrawing them from the system to a cryptocurrency wallet or exchange. Payments through credit cards and other payment systems are unavailable.

Pros and Cons

BitFufu's cloud mining is an advantageous offer from a globally recognized company. The benefits of choosing this service include:
  • Minimal financial investment to enter the mining industry—only the contract cost needs to be paid, with no equipment purchase required.
  • Quick mining initiation—the entire process from registration takes only a few minutes.
  • Reasonable hash rate cost and acceptable commission size.
  • Mining of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrencies.
  • Daily commission payouts.
  • An extensive bonus program.
  • A lucrative referral program.
As for the downsides, they include:
  • Financial risk in the event of a sharp decline in the chosen cryptocurrency's price.
  • A limited set of cryptocurrencies.
  • Unavailable credit card payments for contract purchases.
BitFufu is a good choice for cloud mining services, including its proven reliability and high security guarantees. All processes run smoothly, and financial settlements with miners occur without delays.