HashShiny - cloud mining

Choosing and Purchasing a Contract

HashShiny is a legally operating company since 2018 that, among other services, provides cloud mining. The company's data centers are located in China, and it uses only cutting-edge equipment, providing excellent prospects for cryptocurrency mining.

Contracts can be obtained for the mining of such digital coins:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Dash;
  • Zcash;
  • Decred.

The Hashshiny platform supports a multilingual interface, including a Russian version. You can purchase a contract with a rental volume of hash rate from 400 Gh/s to 100 TH/s. The standard contract duration is 1 year, but there is an option to enter into a perpetual contract. Payment is accepted not only in cryptocurrency but also through bank transfers in US dollars, euros, and rubles.

HST Token

The company's proprietary token was issued three years ago. Currently, its value is relatively low, and it is not listed among the most well-known assets. Considering the company's legal activities, investing in the token can be done to receive additional discounts on the cloud mining service and long-term profit. It can be mined through the unique mobile application for Hashshiny smartphones.

According to the standard distribution scheme, the allocation is as follows:

  • 15% — for the Hashshiny team;
  • 7.5% — for private client sales;
  • 7.5% — for free sale;
  • 70% — invested in the mining industry.

Discount System

The Hashshiny system awards its own tokens to each client, depending on their achieved rating. The rating, in turn, depends on the volume of rented hash rate. The number of tokens in the user's account determines the available discount size for subsequent purchases—up to 5%.