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Cloud mining is one of the top directions for establishing passive income. The main idea is that a miner does not purchase their own equipment but connects through the internet to a specialized service like Hashing24, rents the computing power of the company, and, as a result, earns a percentage of profit from mining each new block.

Hashing24 cloud mining deserves trust as the service has been actively developing in all popular cryptocurrency directions since 2015. The main data centers are located in Iceland and Georgia. The platform has a multilingual interface, including a Russian version, catering to miners from the CIS countries.

The project dynamically evolves due to the provision of very reasonable conditions, and the declared level of reliability and security currently corresponds to reality.

Profitability through Hashing24 cloud mining is calculated based on the analysis of several factors:

  • The current and forecasted value of the cryptocurrency to be mined.
  • The cost of maintenance.
  • Electricity expenses (the price is included in the contract cost).

The standard contract duration is 3 years, but clients can also purchase an indefinite contract, which, according to Hashing24 customer reviews, has its advantages.

Considering the cost of the hash rate and expenses for all related payments, the profitability of cloud mining through the Hashing24 service is estimated at 46%. The return on investment is predicted within 2 years of operation. These processes can be expedited by joining the affiliate program or reinvesting part of the income in the purchase of new hash rates.

Funds Deposit and Withdrawal

Cryptocurrencies and fiat money through bank transfers are accepted for contract purchases. Cloud mining primarily focuses on the mining of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Withdrawal of funds upon request is processed within 24 hours after payment confirmation. Depending on the intended use of the profit, it can be transferred to another participant in the Hashing24 system, withdrawn to a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet, or transactions can be conducted through cryptocurrency exchanges. There are no restrictions on the amount of transactions and the number of payments per day.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Hashing24 is a top service with several advantages:

  • The company operates on completely legal grounds and has a clear legal status.
  • A long period of platform operation.
  • Equipment from a well-known and reliable company is used for computing power generation.
  • Technically stable platform operation without failures.
  • Fast withdrawal of funds through various methods.
  • A lucrative referral program is provided.
  • Additional bonuses can be used to get a discount on purchasing additional hash rates, positively affecting the profitability of cloud mining.
  • As for the drawbacks:
  • There is an account maintenance fee.
  • A limited number of coin types are available for mining (BTC, ETH).