eCash Mining Pools (XEC)

# SHA-256 Pool Fee Hashrate Blocks
in last
Last Found
  • SOLO 1 %
  • PPLNS 2 %
  • PPS+ 4 %
56.27 Ph/s 58
8 minutes
2 - - - -
3 - - - 836430
3 weeks 4 days
  • PROP 1 %
- - 839148
1 week
5 - - - -

eCash (XEC) is a fork of BTC, which also has a dynamic roadmap. Some experts say this token occurred to fulfill promises to scale the blockchain.

Most likely, there will be those who condemn the developers of eCash for separating from the Bitcoin Cash project with which they started working together. Moreover, the coin used to be called BCH ABC, but community criticism prompted the rebranding.

Distinctive features of eCash

The main feature is the innovative consensus layer Avalanche, as well as its token layer. Moreover, the project creators endowed it with features that were not originally part of the BTC ecosystem: subchains, the ability to update without forks, as well as the presence of stacking.

In other words, eCash has the main advantages of "digital gold" and PoS in conjunction with protocol management. In addition, the task of reducing the size of commissions and increasing network capacity has been accomplished.

Anyone who witnessed the emergence of BCH can recall the damage that the hard and untimely fork caused to the main project. In this regard, the developers decided to optimize the future directions of the network and make them expendable. That is, absolutely any update takes place without the application of cardinal measures. The network protocol is updated regularly in November and May.

With the eCash protocol, any tokens can be created individually, so companies get the opportunity to form new strategies. The presence of a decentralized management protocol makes it possible for anyone interested to participate and influence the direction of development.

The use of XEC

The main areas for using the coin are:

  • everyday payments
  • payments for smart contracts
  • payment of network charges
  • stacking
  • exchange trading

One of the reasons for having such extensive capabilities is the thoughtful work of the team, which pays a lot of attention not only to the development but also to the promotion of the project.

The main characteristics of eCash

As of 20.09.2022:

  • ranking position: 55
  • value: $0.00003803
  • capitalization: $729,476,462
  • circulating: 91%

Advantages and disadvantages of eCash

Despite the elaborate creation and promotion, the coin has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  1. Scalability
  2. High level of decentralization
  3. Availability of anonymity
  4. Liquidity
  5. Different variants of smart contracts support
  6. Availability of stacking

If we talk about the disadvantages, the most obvious are the following:

  1. A large number of competitors
  2. The slow pace of implementation
  3. The incompleteness of many stages of development

XEC can be bought on exchanges or mined independently by choosing the most profitable pool for mining eCash.

TOP-5 pools for XEC mining

  1. ViaBTC
  2. Zulupool

Consider the most effective pools for eCash mining, according to miningpoolstats.

ViaBTC. A mining pool that serves customers in 130 countries and has over 1 million users. Maintains high-security standards by offering a full range of services.

As of 20.09.2022: 159.79 PH/s hashrate, 4% PPS+, 2% PPLNS, 1% SOLO.

Zulupool. Supports all required modern features, in particular ASICBoost, Mergedmining. Servers are located in the Russian Federation and Europe. Mining of several cryptocurrencies on one algorithm is available.

As of 20.09.2022: a hashrate of 10.9 PH/s. Professional cryptocurrency mining pool, registered in the Netherlands. Payments are processed every 15 minutes, automatic conversion is available.

As of 20.09.2022: hashrate 50.63 PH/s, 1.5% D-PPS, 1.5% PROP, 1.5% SOLO. A co-mining pool that offers an efficient cryptocurrency mining mechanism. Automatic payouts every 4 hours. Users can do a separate monitor for each installation.

As of 9/20/2022: hashrate 2.24 PH/s, 1% SOLO. Supports 5 coins: eCash, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. Solo mining.

As of 20.09.2022: hashrate 1.4 PH/s, 0.5% SOLO.

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