iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s

iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s

Profitability calculation iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s
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The iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s miner is an effective ASIC used for cryptocurrency mining. The device operates on the Blake 256 algorithm, which is embedded in the ASIC. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are mined using this miner.

iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s Miner Specifications

The innovative iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s miner stands out with updates that are worth paying attention to. The device automatically switches from one algorithm (Blake 256) to another (Blake2b). Defective chips are detected by the equipment itself, ensuring smooth operation and quick startups. Even beginners can easily navigate the miner's settings and start working from the first day of purchase.

The cryptocurrency mining device is highly integrated. To start the equipment, it is sufficient to connect it to the network and Ethernet. Four chips for hash rate are responsible for creating coins. In case of any discrepancies during algorithm execution, the miner receives notifications via email. The enhanced ASIC model is characterized by reliability, power, and an affordable cost.

The device operates continuously for a long period. Miners need to perform timely diagnostics of the device. This precaution allows the equipment to operate with increased performance all the time. Coolers eliminate the stagnation of warm air and dissipate it from the hash boards. This feature ensures a specific temperature inside the ASIC during its continuous operation.

Profitability of iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s Miner

The profitability of the iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s miner depends on the cost of 1 kilowatt of electricity during the cryptocurrency mining period. Profit is calculated considering the chosen coins and the pool to which it needs to be connected. It is also necessary to consider the rent cost of the space for bitcoin mining and the price of cryptocurrencies at the time of their creation. The feature of the iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s ASIC is its low power consumption compared to other device models. Using the miner daily allows the cryptocurrency miner to earn well. Profit depends on how much time is spent with the device. According to statistics, the equipment pays off within a few years.

iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s Miner Calculator

Calculating the profitability of the miner is easy with the help of an online calculator. Miners do not need to know integrals and formulas to find out their future profit. The iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s calculator is used in a simple scheme: specify the miner model, electricity cost, and electronic currency. The calculation is performed automatically, and the miner sees the average earnings per day, month, year on the dashboard. The calculation should also include the cost of renting space.

Power Consumption of iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s

The power consumption of the iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s miner is 2100 W. This is an average value when using the economical mode embedded in the equipment. This advantage allows the user to minimize expenses and regularly earn.

The iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s device can be purchased at an affordable price in an online store. The website offers a variety of miners. Models from the catalog are characterized by high performance. iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s ASICs from the American brand are equipment for producing electronic currency in home conditions. iBeLink™ DSM7T 7 Th/s is success and daily income!

Power Consumption: 2100 W

Noise Level: Up to 75 dB

Performance: 7 TH/s

Operating Temperature: From 0 to +40°C

Fans: 6 pieces

Energy Efficiency: 0.30 W/Th

Hashrate: 1770 Gh/s

Algorithm: Blake 256

Weight: 15.6 kg

Dimensions: 490 x 390 x 180 mm

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