Antminer DR3 7,8 Th/s

Antminer DR3 7,8 Th/s

Profitability calculation Antminer DR3 7,8 Th/s
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Chinese company Bitmain introduced an innovative model for mining digital currency Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s. The miner has moderate performance, low power consumption and high-quality assembly.

Characteristics of Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s

Bitmain Antminer DR3 7,8 Th/s is a productive computing device that is used to output digital currency ViaBTC, Binance, Emcd. The operating system of the hardware runs on the Blake256r14 cryptographic algorithm. This scheme is an improved version of SHA-256, which has a HAIFA design. The algorithm used provides an optimal hash rate of 7.8 Th/s, as well as a secure reliable connection and keeps the information confidential. The internal mechanism is housed in an aluminum alloy metal structure, which is painted in stainless steel color.

The housing of the device has optimal parameters of 293 x 130 x 187 mm and weighs 3800 grams, reliably protects the device from the environment. Efficient heat dissipation is realized with the help of air cooling system. Due to the use of 2 fans, the noise level reaches 76 dB. The device maintains its performance at temperatures from 0 to + 40 degrees and humidity from 5 to 95%. Advanced features and installed modern technologies allow mining farms and individual miners to buy Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s to increase productivity and profitability.

The miner has a factory warranty service period. Warranty service is provided in case of factory failures and variations prescribed by statutory regulations.

Yield of Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s

The profitability of Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s is determined by the total power of the computing hardware, the value of the currency and the difficulty of mining the block. You can increase the profitability level by optimizing the operating system and installing additional hardware.

Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s Calculator

The mining industry is considered a profitable business if investments and resources are allocated correctly. You can determine the level of profitability with the help of online tools. Installed computing programs take into account the cost of electricity per 1 kW and coins, the price of Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s determine the consumer price, take into account the complexity of mining a block and the reward for finding it.

Antminer DR3 7,8 Th/s calculator gives only an approximate forecast, since the cryptocurrency market is unstable. At the same time, the results obtained will help you determine a good time to get into the plus side.

Antminer DR3 consumption 7.8 Th/s

The miner is a cost-effective device as it has a low power consumption of 1410 W. The consumption efficiency of Antminer DR3 7.8 Th/s is 0.181 J/TH (±5%). It is achieved through the use of advanced 7 nm ASIC chips. The equipment is equipped with built-in overvoltage and overload protection. This setup ensures high performance of the device under various electrical problems.

Power consumption - 1410 W;

Hash rate - 7.8 Th/s;

Noise level - up to 76 dB;

Cooling - air cooling (2 pcs. fan);

Energy efficiency - 0.181 J/TH (±5%);

Temperature range - from 0 to + 40 degrees;

Humidity - 5 to 95%;

Algorithm - Blake256r14;

Chip -7 nm Asics;

Weight - 3800 grams;

Coin Withdrawal -ViaBTC/Binance/Emcd;

Interface - Ethernet RJ45 10/100 M;

Dimensions - 293 x 130 x 187 mm.

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