iBeLink™ DSM6T 6 Th/s

iBeLink™ DSM6T 6 Th/s

Profitability calculation iBeLink™ DSM6T 6 Th/s
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Cryptocurrencies can be mined under various conditions, and the American company iBeLink™ has introduced the unique DSM6T miner for home cryptocurrency mining. This original equipment stands out for its efficiency and high performance, operating based on the Blake 256 mining algorithm. By using this miner, every cryptocurrency miner can achieve daily profits.

iBeLink™ DSM6T Miner Specifications

The advanced ASIC iBeLink™ DSM6T introduces new capabilities for miners. The equipment seamlessly switches between different modes automatically. The manufacturer has incorporated a chip defect-finding algorithm into the ASIC system. This precaution ensures uninterrupted equipment operation. The quick startup of the device guarantees efficient cryptocurrency mining commencement. The miner's straightforward settings enable users to start working from the first day of acquiring the device.

The high integration of this model is one of its advantages. The equipment starts running by simply plugging it into the power supply and connecting it to Ethernet. Chips for hash rate enable the mining of coins. If a defect in the algorithm occurs during operation, the system automatically sends an email notification to the user. The DSM6T ASIC model is known for its reliability, stability, and affordable cost. The miner boasts long-term use, and timely diagnostics allows the equipment to operate for an extended period without the need for repairs. Built-in coolers expel warm air from the hash boards, maintaining a specific temperature inside the miner during continuous operation.

Profitability of iBeLink™ DSM6T Miner

The profitability of the iBeLink™ DSM6T miner depends on the cost of 1 kilowatt of electrical energy at the time of creating electronic coins. Profitability is calculated considering the chosen cryptocurrency and the pool for connection. It is also necessary to include the cost of renting space for cryptocurrency mining and its price during the creation period.

The advantage of the iBeLink™ DSM6T miner is its low power consumption compared to other ASIC options. Regular use of the equipment allows cryptocurrency miners to earn substantial income. The profit depends on the time spent on mining. According to statistics, the purchase of the device pays off within several years.

iBeLink™ DSM6T Miner Calculator

Calculating ASIC profitability is recommended using an online calculator. Users do not need to know integrals and formulas as the future profit is calculated automatically.

The iBeLink™ DSM6T calculator is easy to use: specify the ASIC model, electricity cost, and electronic currency. After the automatic calculation, the miner sees the average income for 24 hours, 30 days, and a year on the dashboard. If necessary, the calculation should include the rental cost of the space.

Power Consumption of iBeLink™ DSM6T

The power consumption of the iBeLink™ DSM6T miner is 2100 W. This is an average value when using the economical mode embedded in the ASIC. This feature allows the cryptocurrency miner to spend a minimum and earn regularly.

The iBeLink™ DSM6T ASIC can be purchased at an attractive price in the online store. The catalog on the website showcases various miners distinguished by high performance. Equipment from the American brand for cryptocurrency mining at home is an excellent source of income!

Power Consumption: 2100 W

Noise Level: Up to 76 dB

Performance: 6 TH/s

Operating Temperature: From 0 to +40°C

Fans: 6 pieces

Energy Efficiency: 0.35 W/Th

Algorithm: Blake 256

Weight: 17.6 kg

Dimensions: 490 x 390 x 180 mm

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