Antminer S19

The firmware allows you to improve hardware by increasing work efficiency. Automating several processes makes them faster. Here are the main features of ASIC.

Model 2021 Antminer S19/S19 Pro is the most productive today.

Key features:
  • Hashrate – up to 95TH/s (up to 110 TH/s PRO version)
  • Power – 3250W
  • Yield – $522 ($606 PRO version)
  • Price – $2118 ($3769 PRO version)
  • Bitmain firmware, main parameters
  • Hashrate – 150-180 TH/s
  • Overclocking:
– 140TH/s-150 TH/s (without power supply upgrade, at 4,5W-5W)
– 170TH/s-180 TH/s (with power supply upgraded, 7W-8W)
  • The optimal hashrate when overclocking Antminer is considered 160 TH/s
  • Users can choose from a variety of options for overclocking, and there is an overclocking board and chips separately
  • Asicboost, wattmeter
  • Checking ASIC for viruses in automatic mode
  • Possibility to increase device vitality with Auto tuning
  • Password change and port shutdown
  • Sleep mode
  • Up to 2% devfee
  • Installing firmware, creating workers, and transferring the configuration to multiple ASICs in one network at once

Antminer S19 firmware and enhancements

The main feature is the emergence of a built-in high-performance 7nm chip, which provides a highly efficient workflow.
The factory firmware sets the hashrate as 90 TH/s.

Firmware and modifications Antminer S19 Pro

A "Secure Boot" and the possibility to switch off "Root Authority" helps to ensure that the firmware can not spread a virus that can damage the series.
The factory firmware allows you to overclock the ASIC up to 104 TH/s.
You can download the antminer firmware here or on the vendor's website.
During the year 2021, there were a lot of ASIC S19 series miners. To eliminate flaws and make improvements, manufacturers are updating older versions. For installing the new release, you need to insert a writeable SD card into the mining equipment.

Required settings after writing the card:

  1. Go to System/Upgrade/Flash
  2. Save
  3. Enter the Antminer address (if no firmware is displayed, update the page)
  4. Check the Miner Configuration/General Settings
  5. Select the hashrate control option.
  6. Save

Antminer S19
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