Firmware for Antminer L3, L3+ ASICs

ASIC L3: hashrate from 500 MH/s, energy efficiency – 800 w. Suitable for cryptocurrency algorithm scrypt.

The sale of mining asics is one of the main directions for many manufacturers. The cost, in this case, varies depending on the model and year of production.   

At Bitmain you can buy miners for $300 to $1000. That is due to the year of the hardware production, mostly 2017.

Innosilicon has altcoin mining equipment ranging in price from $1500 to $3000.

Firmware for L3 asic, general characteristics for antminer

  1. The hashrate is 700 Mh/s.
    • There are several in-demand modes:
    • Factory bitmain antminer l3 firmware: 505 TH/s – 850 w.
    • Hashrate from 500 Mh/s – 620 w.
    • Hashrate from 510 Mh/s – 795 w.
    • Hashrate from 600 Mh/s – 970 w.
    • Hashrate from 700 Mh/s – 1285 w.
    • Thus, overclocking asic l3 antminer is done from 500 Mh/s to 700 Mh/s.
  2. You can choose to overclock options and a separate overclocking of both boards and chips.
  3. Asicboost, wattmeter.
  4. Automatic scanning of Asics for viruses.
  5. Auto tuning – increases the viability of the device.
  6. You can change the password and disable the port.
  7. Also available in sleep mode.
  8. Up to 2% devfee.
  9. In the antminer firmware l3 it is possible to create a worker and transfer config to several asics in one network.
  10. There is a function to find a miner.
  11. Standby mode.
  12. In choosing firmware for the L3 asic, you can select from 5 versions.


  • An improved tuning algorithm appeared.
  • An error of hw creation was removed.
  • Protection against viruses was updated with a signature.
  • Some profiles are activated without tuning.
  • The best antminer l3 firmware now supports monitoring –


  • Fan error fixed at low revs.
  • Fixed all bugs related to searching for an asic on the farm.
  • This firmware version for antminer l3 included a feature in which you can allocate part of your power to pay for electricity, maintenance, or for the placement of the equipment itself (hotel fee).
  • A Miner Locator function was added (made to find a device on the farm if there are a large number of miners).

  • Correct all the bugs that cause asic can't start mining if one stratum is prescribed.
  • Enabled the ordinary background adjustment (all the bugs are fixed).


  • Option of quick saves all settings.
  • Chip target temp feature is now enabled. This feature helps to keep the temperature and protects from heat.
  • Now it is possible to change all passwords.
  • Overclocking profiles are improved.
  • The "silent start" feature is added.
  • Additionally, it is possible to distribute config by activating the multiplier.
  • Standby mode is now available when disconnecting the Internet.

Overclocking of L3 asic, possible modes:

  1. Official bitmain firmware: 505 TH/s – 850 w.
    • Hashrate from 500 Mh/s – 620 w.
    • Hashrate from 510 Mh/s – 795 w.
    • Hashrate from 600 Mh/s – 970 w.
    • Hashrate from 700 Mh/s – 1285 w.
  2. The standard way to reflash the asic
  3. Antminer l3 firmware download. You can use our website or to download this firmware.
  4. Set the frequency of the miner to 400 MHz.
  5. Switch to manual control, and for 1 minute set 25% of the maximum number of revolutions.
  6. Next, go into the system and click on the sub-item "update."
  7. Click the button: "install new firmware."
  8. Select the previously downloaded file and wait for the installation to complete.
  9. Go back to the settings and lower the voltage to the minimum (400 MHz).
  10. Once the frequency is set, start increasing it and observe how stable the device is.
  11. Next, adjust your asic according to all the parameters.
  12. Reboot the device.
Firmware for Antminer L3, L3+ ASICs
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