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Cryptocurrency mining has become one of the most popular ways to make money online. One interesting alternative for miners is RVN, a token that runs on the Ravencoin blockchain. However, for effective mining, it is necessary to select suitable Ravencoin pools. These can provide a stable income and minimal commissions.

What is Ravencoin or RVN?

It is a relatively young coin that appeared in 2018. It is based on open source blockchain. RVN became very popular on top exchanges the following year after its release.

This cryptocurrency can be mined on video cards, and even small farms are suitable for this. There are several ways to organize mining, each requiring its own settings.

Raven Mining Pool: What it is

 Simply put, a pool is a group of miners cooperating to find blocks and exchange block prizes.

Due to the reintroduction of ASIC mining in RVN, it has become crucial to enter the pool to reap the same bonuses as your partner miners. Nevertheless, you should consider some things before joining a pool.

Tips How to Choose Best Ravencoin Mining Pool

To generate the expected income, one of the main tasks is not the preference of equipment. The user needs to pick the right Ravencoin pool, allowing him to get maximum profitability. Many beginners believe that there is no significant difference between the Ravencoin pools and are ready to join the first one they find on the network. In fact, this is far from the case, and many criteria must be considered when choosing.

  • supported Cryptocurrencies;
  • equipment requirements;
  • pool size (hashrate);
  • reward distribution method;
  • commission amount;
  • payout frequency and minimum amount;
  • pool server placement and latency;
  • pool Mining Difficulty.

Thus, choosing the best Ravencoin mining pool is not easy. Many factors must be considered.

Top 5 RVN Mining Pools

Selecting a suitable RVN pool is one of the important steps towards successful mining. They provide the opportunity to combine the computing resources of several miners to increase the chances of receiving a reward. Below is an overview of some of the popular RVN mining pools:

  • 2Miners. 2Miners is one of the most popular RVN mining pools. The pool offers low commissions and a good level of stability. 2Miners also provides detailed statistics and monitoring of miner hashrate. To join the pool, you need to register and configure your mining client on the pool server.
  • NanoPool. NanoPool is another popular Ravencoin mining pool. The pool provides a user-friendly interface and detailed mining statistics. NanoPool also offers various payout methods, including direct payouts to the RVN wallet.
  • SparkPool. SparkPool is one of the largest RVN pools. The pool offers high stability and low commissions. SparkPool also provides the ability to mine RVN solo. However, solo mining requires high computing power and is not recommended for beginners.
  • Binance Pool is a platform for cryptocurrency miners from the Binance crypto exchange. To mine, you need to use your own equipment (home computer or ASIC), which connects to the Binance pool. The platform operates in symbiosis with Binance's other financial capabilities, such as futures trading, spot trading, loans, and more. For example, you can mine coins and take out a loan against them. Or exchange for fiat currency and withdraw without commission via P2P. This site is trusted because of its reliability, good name, and stable reward payments to miners. On its platform, this pool combines both mining and staking capabilities.
  • FlyPool. The service offers instant rewards payment, and automatic payments can be configured here. Many people are attracted by complete anonymity - registration is not required; you just need to indicate the wallet number. Flypool provides confidential and secure mining with the PPLNS payout system. The pool servers are located in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Miners receive comprehensive support and statistics, and payments are made instantly.

When choosing a RVN pool, it is also worth considering its geographical location to reduce data transfer latency and improve connection stability. It is also recommended to check the reviews and ratings of different Ravencoin pools to choose the most reliable option.

Most Popular Questions about Ravecoin pool

Since this cryptocurrency is considered one of the most popular for mining, users have many questions about the cryptocurrency itself and about Ravencoin pools. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is it popular for mining?

Mining this coin is considered quite profitable and effective since coins are generated very quickly.

The mined currency is stored in convenient, secure user wallets specially created for it.

For miners who take an active part in modernizing and improving the network, cryptocurrency developers offer many bonuses and rewards.

Ravencoin is considered a fairly economical virtual coin in terms of energy costs since the data transfer speed within the network is very high.

Why should I join a mining pool instead of mining solo?

Well-known pools recommend using their services and not mining solo. Indeed, it is better to mine famous coins together, receiving a fixed and regular profit. Income from solo mining can be seasonal when the market undergoes another bull rally. This means that you should remember this method and run it only periodically.

Where to withdraw your RVN tokens?

You will need the address of the external wallet to which you are going to send funds (if you withdraw to fiat through an exchanger, the exchanger will provide this address). The withdrawal process is carried out through the “Wallet” -> “Fiat and Spot” section by clicking “Withdraw” for the RVN cryptocurrency.


Ravencoin presented the cryptocurrency market with a successful and quite promising technology, which continues to improve and expand functionally to this day. However, the competition among digital coins today is very serious, so the future of RVN depends not only on modifying the current mining algorithm but also on the marketing efforts of its creators.

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