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Ravecoin was started in 2018 as a fork of bitcoin. Ravecoin has open source code, so almost any trader can launch, modify the system and contribute to the development of the coin.

Ravecoin ranks 14th on the miningpoolstats list of cryptocurrencies .

Mining algorithm: Pow (KawPow).

Time to find a new block: 1 minute.

Total coins: 21 billion.

Block size: from 1 MB to any desired size.

Hashrate as of January 28, 2022: 4.62 TH/s.

To choose an RVN mining pool, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Functionality and geographic location of the pool (Check the platform's usability, technical features, and hacking protection).
  2. Cryptocurrencies available on the pool.
  3. Payment options and types of premiums for miners (Most common: PPS, PPS+, PPLNS, FPPS, PROP).
  4. Power requirements (Often the pool commission depends on how much power you have.)
  5. Pool commissions (Pool commissions range from 0% to 5%).


  1. 2 miners.
  2. Flypool.
  3. Miningpoolhub.
  4. Nanopool.
  5. Ravenminer.
  6. Hashcity.
  7. F2pool.
  8. Kryptex.
  9. Mintpond.
  10. Hellominer.


  1. 2miners is a multicurrency ravencoin mining pool (over 18 coins), with support for different mining algorithms. The project was created by two miners from scratch and open source. Data centers in Europe, USA and Asia.
    Over 18 coins.
    Pool commission: 1%PPLNS
    Hashrate on January 28, 2022 - 2.31 TH/s
    Payout system: PPLNS 1%.
  2. Flypool - is part of a larger pool - Ethermine. Pool supports 7 coins. There is no registration at the pool, you just need to enter your wallet.
    RVN pool commission: 1%PPLNS.
    Amount of supported coins: 7 coins.
    Hashrate on January 28, 2022 - 1.16 TH/s.
  3. Miningpoolhub is a popular multi-currency pool, operating since 2014. Miningpoolhub arouses interest among miners because of the large number of little-known, new cryptocurrencies.
    Pool commission: 0.9% PPLNS
    Number of supported coins: more than 30 coin
    Hashrate on January 28, 2022 - 514.73 GH/s.
  4. Nanopool - the leader among eth, rvn, xmr mining pools. The pool has been operating since 2017 and is a part of Finom AG holding. Nanopool does not require registration, your account is your wallet number.
    Pool commission: 1% PPLNS
    Number of coins supported: 7 coins.
    Hashrate on January 28, 2022 - 414.44 GH/s.
  5. Ravenminer - handy RVN mining pool, with a simple interface. The pool does not require registration and works on the YiiMP protocol. There are servers all over the world.
    Pool commissions: 0.5% PPLNS (default) and 2% PPS.
    Number of supported coins: 1 rvn coin.
    Reward per unit: 5 000 RVN.
    Hashrate on January 28, 2022 - 252.99 GH/s.

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