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  • SOLO 1.5 %
  • PPLNS 0.9 %
- - 769924
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37.29 h/s - -
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A bitcoin gold mining pool is a specific server that is used to distribute tasks for mining BTG or other types of digital coins among pool participants.

Each participant in the pool directs the power of their equipment to decrypt the block, for which they receive a reward. Even if the equipment capacity is small, the participant receives a share in the total earnings commensurate with his costs.

Bitcoin Gold Mining Pool: History and Future

The Bitcoin Gold (BTG) cryptocurrency was released to the market on November 1, 2017 as a result of a fork of the classic Bitcoin. The developer of the new coin was Jack Liao, a major manufacturer of mining equipment from China. He called full-fledged copy protection one of the main advantages of his brainchild, i.e. none of the coins can be spent twice.

To mine Bitcoin Gold, the following basic equipment requirements are required:

  • computer with Windows 7 operating system;
  • modern video card;
  • drivers of new modifications;
  • at least 4 GB of memory.

The higher the quality of each element, the greater the extraction efficiency. The best results were achieved when creating farms using DTG Nvidia GTX1060, 1070 and 1080 6 GB video cards.

To get started you will need:

  • create an online BTG wallet at;
  • choose a cryptocurrency exchange;
  • select a pool and go through the registration procedure;
  • download the miner for BTG and open the archive;
  • save data in a convenient place;
  • launch the bat file and start mining BTG.

Bitcoin Gold Pool Centralization and Distribution by Countries

Just knowing what a mining pool is is not enough to earn cryptocurrency. With the advent of a large number of digital coins, theoretical knowledge about blockchain technologies is no longer enough; it is important to understand specific services and know which pool to choose for mining a particular coin. Among the most effective for bitcoin gold mining pool, Internet users note and Other pools supporting this coin recorded more modest results. Although, as elsewhere in the cryptocurrency market, the situation may change.

When choosing a service, it is important to consider several key points:

Pool power. This data can be found from the ratings, which usually also contain profitability statistics. Most of this information is published on the websites and

PC power. The higher the technical characteristics of the computer, the more you can earn from BTG mining.

Top 5 Bitcoin Gold Pools

List of the largest and most popular bitcoin gold pools:

  1. Minergate and MinerTopia. The pools are designed for mining various digital currencies, including the top ETH and Dash. The Minergate server is very convenient to work with: just install the software on your computer and mining starts automatically. The income received can be withdrawn to a wallet or card after paying a commission of 1.5%.
  2. and Btg.mine and Cloud services designed exclusively for bitcoin gold mining pool.
  3. The largest specialized btg pool. It offers quite favorable working conditions, as well as a convenient service in which you can use the same password/login for all digital currencies. This service currently owns 58 Mh of capacity out of the total 66 Mh of network capacity.
  4. 12miners is the best bitcoin gold pool, according to miningpoolstats. 2miners is a multi-currency pool (more than 18 coins), with support for different mining algorithms. The project was created by 2 miners from scratch and is open source.
    • data centers in Europe, USA and Asia
    • free notifications via telegram and e-mail about the status of workers and notifications about new blocks
    • more than 18 coins
    • commissions: 1%PPLNS
    • hashrate as of March 29, 2022 - 582.20 MSol/s
  5. Binarypool is a popular btg pool. An easy-to-use service where you can connect to mining the desired coin with one click. The pool contains 6 coins: Bitcoin, Zcash, ZenCash, BitcoinCash, Digibyte, BitcoinGold.
    • commissions: 1.5% PPLNS
    • number of coins: 6

Since information on pools is constantly updated, before choosing, you should definitely read the latest news, thematic forums, discussions of forecasts and insights.

What's the difference Pool Mining vs Solo Mining?

Many questions inevitably arise for those wishing to invest in cryptocurrency mining. These include, for example, choosing the right mining object, selecting, installing and configuring equipment. One of the most important tasks that a novice miner has to solve is determining the optimal option for working in the network. It consists in the fact that the user needs to choose what is better for him - mining alone or mining in a pool?

Solo mining refers to the extraction of cryptocurrency by one miner. It independently receives tasks from the network to search for a block and uses only its own equipment to solve it. In this case, the owner of the mining farm individually receives both the reward for the found block and commissions for transactions. However, it should be remembered that all payments are possible only after finding a valid block and confirming this fact by the network.

Unlike solo mining in a pool, participants jointly solve the problem of finding a valid block. The powers of the pool participants are combined, which significantly increases the likelihood of solving the problem. In this case, the pool as a whole receives the reward, and then distributes it in proportion to everyone’s participation. It does not matter whose equipment produced the required ball. Its owner receives remuneration on a general basis.

What is the Bitcoin-Gold mining pools reward systems?

A bitcoin gold pool is when individual cryptocurrency miners come together and pool their resources to increase their chances of receiving a block reward. Rewards for solving blocks are paid based on how much computing power someone has contributed to the bitcoin gold mining pool.


Overall, btg mining pools are a great option for passive income. Mining using a pool allows you to significantly increase the chances of success, which is especially important now, when competition in the mining industry is incredibly high, and the complexity of the network is constantly growing.

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