Korblockchain Crypto Mining Data Center

  • Price
    from 0.059$ kW/h
    Energy type
    Energy type
    Thermal power
  • Min. amount
    Min. amount
    1 Devices
    Total capacity
    Total capacity
    10 MW

Mining is the process of extracting virtual assets (cryptocurrency) using unique installations (miners).

Korblockchain crypto mining data center is a US firm specializing in immersion cooling of any ASIC models that employ natural gas as an energy base.

At the same time, inside the crypto mining data center, comfortable conditions are mandatory for the functioning of miners (uninterrupted power supply, optimal temperature conditions, fire safety, etc.).

Korblockchain Mining Advantages

  • The company's engineers ensure the operation of the ventilation system's stable connection to the electrical network and carry out complete maintenance and repair of installations 24/7;
  • There is potential for expanding the miner fleet due to increased power reserves;
  • Equipment and premises are protected by an automated fire extinguishing system, which, when triggered, does not kill miners;
  • A video surveillance and access control system has been installed.

Korblockchain specialists will advise and develop the optimal solution for your tasks.

How to get started

To begin cloud mining with Korblockchain, follow these simple steps.

  • Create a user account: Report a free account.
  • Buy cloud mining: choose blockchain, hash rate, and cloud strategy.
  • Set up your mining pool: Post a mining pool to your mining order.


You can find a suitable room to place the equipment and start equipping it yourself. This is not cheap, and not everyone can do such work. It is much easier and more profitable to contact a specialized Korblockchain data center that offers quality services and qualified staff.

This center offers comfortable and safe accommodation of equipment for the production of cryptocurrencies. This is a new type of service that is confidently gaining popularity every day.

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Cryptocurrency payment
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Tech Support
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