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Mining Hotels Krasnoyarsk

  • Price
    from 0.048$ kW/h
  • Total capacity
    30 MW
  • Price
    from 0.047$ kW/h
  • Total capacity
    155 MW
  • Price
    from 0.037$ kW/h
  • Total capacity
    45 MW
  • Price
    from 0.041$ kW/h
  • Total capacity
    100 MW
  • Price
    from 0.042$ kW/h
  • Total capacity
    250 MW
  • Price
  • Total capacity
    100 MW
  • Price
    from 0.054$ kW/h
  • Total capacity
    15 MW
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In recent years, Krasnoyarsk has become one of the main regional centers in Russia actively developing the cryptocurrency industry. Special attention is given to so-called mining hotels or data centers that offer services for hosting mining equipment.

What are mining hotels?

Mining hotels are specialized spaces equipped with everything necessary for efficient mining farm operations. This includes cooling systems, stable power supply, security, and access to high-speed internet.

Why Krasnoyarsk?

  • Climate: Cold winters help reduce equipment cooling costs.
  • Energy: Thanks to local hydroelectric power plants, the region can provide relatively cheap electricity.
  • Infrastructure development: Many local entrepreneurs quickly realized the industry's potential and actively began investing in creating mining hotels.

Mining Hotels in Krasnoyarsk

Instead of setting up infrastructure at home or in the office, miners can rent space in these specialized centers.

Several such data centers operate in Krasnoyarsk:

Stella - a leader among Russian mining hotels, conveniently located near the Boguchanskaya hydroelectric power station.

Watt Manor - offers clients not only equipment space but also strict security measures.

Mineinvest - guarantees constant technical support to its clients.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Due to their location, many mining hotels can offer lower electricity tariffs.
  • Security: Strict access control and video surveillance systems ensure the protection of your equipment.
  • Simplicity: Miners do not require deep technical knowledge to work with equipment in the hotel.


  • Price: Renting space in a data center can be more expensive than organizing your own mining setup.
  • Power limits: Some hotels impose restrictions on the maximum power of equipment.

How to Choose a Mining Hotel in Krasnoyarsk


  • Location: An ideal hotel is situated in an area with access to inexpensive electricity.
  • Security level: It's important that the hotel provides reliable protection for your invested equipment.
  • Rates and conditions: It's essential to scrutinize the financial aspect to ensure that the services match their cost.

While mining hotels in Krasnoyarsk offer a range of convenient services for miners, it's crucial to carefully consider all the pros and cons before making a decision to collaborate.

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