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Users' interest in mining digital assets is becoming a trigger for the creation of companies producing specialized equipment. For a long time now, no one has been mining on ordinary PCs - high-tech asics are used to add blocks. And not always representatives of solo and pool mining choose models of legendary brands. Ipollo is a representative of a new generation of developers, which offers effective and affordable products. So far, the company can not shake the leading positions of promoted brands, but it has already managed to occupy its niche and continues to develop.

Basic information about the company

Ipollo is a manufacturer of mining devices with an excellent reputation and fast pace of development. Its developments became especially popular in 2022, and now the trend of sales growth continues. The head office is located in Singapore (China), there are also several centers where scientific and market research is conducted - the largest are located in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Ipollo, since its founding, has been focused on creating asics that will fully meet the needs of miners in terms of profitability, usability, power consumption and cost. Having set a goal to become a leader in the chosen segment and achieve high sales figures around the world, the brand began manufacturing top models taking into account the current international standards of quality and safety. Among the firm's regular partners are Hiveon, ASICMinerValue, niceHash, CryptoCompare and whattomine. 

 Reliability and power motivate many to buy Ipollo models for ASIC-mining, and the variety of miners gives the opportunity to choose the ideal option taking into account the budget, the chosen cryptocurrency and the scale of activity.

Ipollo product range

Enterprises without large-scale production facilities, as a rule, go the way of creating devices for mining on a single algorithm. Ipollo did something different - they started producing small batches for mining different cryptocurrency assets. This allowed the company to expand its target audience, quickly gain popularity and get funds to continue research and development activities, as well as to improve the quality of customer service. The profitability of Ipollo asics is high, which is due to first-class assembly, low power consumption, high speed of crypto solutions and initially reasonable cost.  

The company offers several series of ASIC miner devices:

  • X Series;
  • V Series;
  • B Series;
  • G Series.

Advantages and disadvantages of the equipment 

In terms of performance parameters, profitability and price, Ipollo surpasses most competitors, inferior only to the largest players in the market like Innosilicon and Bitmain. The main advantages of asics of this manufacturer are:

  • excellent build quality;
  • power at the level of industry leaders;
  • minimal power consumption even when operating in intensive mode;
  • adequate cost;
  • wide model range;
  • no difficulties with use - even beginners will quickly get used to it and will be able to start earning profits;
  • professional technical support;
  • proven efficiency of mining (mining crypto with the equipment of this brand really allows you to earn good money, of course, with a competent choice of pool and with the right settings). 

Of the disadvantages, some users note the difficulties with repair and maintenance in some countries, as well as relatively small production volumes, because of which not always the model of interest is available. In general, Ipollo can be called a proven manufacturer, whose equipment allows you to mine blocks of different types of cryptocurrencies, quickly pays off and is characterized by stable operation for a long time.

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