Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s

Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 172 Th/s
  • Energy
    5848 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s
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Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s is a modernized product of the leading crypto mining hardware company MicroBT. This model is popular among miners around the world due to its excellent technical characteristics that ensure long-term operation.

Features of Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s

The manufacturer's goal in releasing the M36S+ 172 Th/s was to create a device that will remain relevant for several years and will be able to mine a sufficient number of digital coins. The second focus is the price. Asik belongs to the middle price segment, so that for most miners it would be affordable.

In use, the device is simple, the interface is intuitive. The owner can easily adjust the power parameters, select the extracted cryptocurrency and customize the power consumption indicators. 

The asic is made in a mobile aluminum case, which protects the components of the equipment from external influences and helps with heat dissipation. For cooling, the mining device uses a water system, which effectively removes heat from the internal elements of the equipment and prevents its overheating. The advantage of hydro-cooling is lower noise level than air-conditioning.

Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s profitability

This asic model has a huge potential. Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s yield is affected by:

  • the dynamics of the digital coin being mined;
  • the performance of the technique;
  • the amount of power consumption.

When comparing Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s with mining equipment of other models, the asic will bring a decent income for several years if you use it to generate promising cryptocurrencies.

Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s Calculator

Modern technology allows you to predict how much profit can bring the purchased asic can be at the stage of selection in the store. For this purpose there are special programs - calculators.

Whatsminer M36S+ calculator 172 Th/s will calculate whether the equipment is profitable for a particular buyer. You can use it on our website. The program will instantly show the estimated daily revenue from crypto mining, taking into account:

  • regularly increasing complexity of mining;
  • fluctuations in the exchange rate of the digital asset;
  • equipment costs;
  • the cost of 1 kW of electricity.

Calculators allow you to compare the profitability rates of several devices so that the applicant chooses the most suitable trade offer. The programs take into account the prices of digital assets with updated current information every 10 minutes. The online assistant allows you to unmistakably understand the profitability of the model.

Whatsminer M36S+ 172 Th/s consumption

This miner model consumes 34 W/t of electricity. It requires a 220V source for connection. The device has a built-in power supply with a capacity of 5848 W. Given these characteristics, Whatsminer M36S+ consumption of 172 Th / s refers the asic to one of the most energy-efficient in the market of mining equipment.

In the online store "FALSE" asics Whatsminer M36S+ are presented in several variations of hash rate. For the convenience of users there is a mining calculator, which helps to decide on the purchase of the most profitable mining equipment and start earning in the crypto industry now.

  • Energy efficiency: 34 W/Th;
  • Performance: 172 Th/s;
  • Algorithm - SNA-256;
  • Cooling system - water;
  • Noise level: 80 dB;
  • Temperature range: from +5 to +55 degrees;
  • Weight: 14 kg;
  • Consumption: 5848 W.
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