Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s

Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 152 Th/s
  • Energy
    5168 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

High-performance equipment for mining cryptocurrency coins at home is an asic M36S+ 152 Th/s. The equipment is suitable for miners of any level. Even if knowledge and experience are at the entry level, it is worth considering investing. This is a good method of passive income, which will bring stable earnings. Bitcoins are becoming more and more popular every year. Even with the fact that the rate varies and sometimes falls, still people get good money for such a digital coin. 

To apply Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s, you just need to make sure that you have quality wiring, an uninterrupted light source and a room where you can place the equipment. It can be either commercial or residential. It is important to remember that the appliance makes noise and many people compare it to a blender. It is quite uncomfortable to listen to on a regular basis. But if soundproofing is done, it will be a great space to install. There is no need to additionally design cooling zones. 

The manufacturer has implemented an advanced cooling system in the asic, so the coolers will independently cope with temperatures if they reach a critical point due to excessive use.

Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s specifications

You can learn Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s specifications online. No need to call a consultant or go to a specialized store to learn more about the equipment. Everything is provided on the web. There you can also familiarize yourself with reviews, scores. By the way, it is worth noting that mostly the feedback is positive, and the scores are above average. This indicates that the miners are really satisfied with their choice. 
The device is suitable for any level of load. The hash rate of 152 Th/s is high-performance, so that even if the user sets several tasks at once, the system will easily cope with them and will not hang, this is a big plus.
It is not necessary to carry out regular diagnostics and repairs. The manufacturer took care that the technique served for years serviceably. The housing material is protected from mechanical damage, ingress of chemicals, moisture, alkalis, solutions, dust and dirt. So, cleaning can be done superficially with a damp cloth if desired, but there is no need to disassemble and reassemble the equipment.

Whatsminer M36S+ yield 152 Th/s 

On average, Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s yield is between 12 and 20 dollars per day. It all depends on how much time in theory the user is willing to spend on mining coins. Also worth noting is the consumption of 5168 W. With such earnings, this is an average and very favorable figure, given the energy efficiency of 34 W/Th.

Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s calculator

If you don't know how to calculate the potential profit and the period when the investment will finally pay off instead of going to zero, then the best solution is Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s calculator. The system does the calculations on its own. All that is required from the user is to enter the data given in the table on the website.

Whatsminer M36S+ consumption 152 Th/s

Whatsminer M36S+ 152 Th/s consumption can be reduced if desired. There is a special energy saving mode. It retains the basic functionality, but the appliance uses minimal light, which means you can save money on utility bills. All data is given in the instruction manual along with setting tips.
  • Energy efficiency: 34 W/Th;
  • Performance: 152 Th/s;
  • Algorithm - SNA-256;
  • Cooling System - 2 coolers;
  • Noise level: 75 dB;
  • Temperature range: 0 to +40 degrees;
  • Weight: 12.5 kg;
  • Consumption: 5168 W.
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