Whatsminer M33S+ 222 Th/s

Whatsminer M33S+ 222 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 222 Th/s
  • Energy
    6820 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M33S+ 222 Th/s
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The Whatsminer M33S+ 222 Th/s is a high-performance device designed for cryptocurrency mining by the renowned manufacturer MicroBT. This unit operates based on the well-known SHA-256 algorithm. Unlike previous versions, this model is equipped with an innovative cooling system, which allows for more efficient operation and lower device temperatures.

However, unlike the standard version of the M33S+ 222 Th/s, this model comes with a water cooling system, enabling even more efficient operation and reducing the device's temperature.

The device falls into the mid-price range, offering excellent operational properties and an optimal set of features. The M33S+ 222 Th/s model is in demand among both beginners and professional cryptocurrency miners. This device can handle multiple types of Bitcoin, ensuring high efficiency and performance.

Whatsminer M33S+ Specifications 222 Th/s

The Whatsminer M33S+ is highly sought after by consumers due to its high hashing power and low noise during operation.

The manufacturer provides a 180-day warranty for operation. In addition, the device has several undeniable advantages. The water cooling system reduces the device's heat and extends its operational lifespan. Thanks to the versatility of the Whatsminer M33S+ specifications 222 Th/s, it is possible to mine multiple types of cryptocurrency.

Another positive aspect of the device is its unique design with a minimal number of inputs. Thanks to its intuitive interface, both professionals and beginners can use this cryptocurrency mining machine. It's worth noting the high level of stability and performance of the device.

Whatsminer M33S+ Profitability 222 Th/s

Of course, the primary quality of such devices is the Whatsminer M33S+ profitability of 222 Th/s. After all, cryptocurrency mining machines are purchased for the purpose of generating passive income. It is quite challenging to calculate the exact profitability of a specific device, as the level of profit depends largely on the market conditions. It's worth noting that having a source of passive income can provide a sense of financial security.

Whatsminer M33S+ Calculator 222 Th/s

The calculator allows you to calculate the profitability and income generated by the cryptocurrency mining machine. For an approximate profit calculation, you need to enter the device's name (model) in a special field and select the desired period: a day, a month, a quarter, half a year, or a year of income generation. The Whatsminer M33S+ calculator 222 Th/s takes into account the history of operations and income, technical parameters of the specific device model, and the necessary maintenance expenses.

Whatsminer M33S+ Power Consumption

The power consumption of this device model for cryptocurrency mining is 7130 W. The operational lifespan, when adhering to the equipment's technical operating rules, is approximately 3-5 years.

Energy Efficiency: 33 W/Th;

Performance: 222 Th/s;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Cooling System: Water-cooled;

Noise Level: 75 dB;

Temperature Range: From -5 to +40 degrees Celsius;

Weight: 27 kg;

Power Consumption: 6820 W.

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