Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 84 Th/s
  • Energy
    3360 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s is a compact ASIC from the manufacturer MicroBT. This model is the final and largest modification in the M31S series. The miner is considered relatively economical for mining, and at a hash rate of 84Th/s, its energy efficiency is 42 J/Th.

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s boasts improved characteristics compared to its predecessors. The key changes involve the architecture of the microchips, enhancing stability, performance, and extending the operational life of the equipment.

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s specifications

The ASIC features integrated hash boards with 8nm chips from Samsung, capable of running in NON-STOP mode. The device comes with a power supply with 9-pin cables, 2 fans, and a control board.

Given the affordable price of the Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s and its high performance, the ASIC can be used for home crypto mining farms or integrated into industrial capacities for cryptocurrency mining.

The power supply is integrated into the top part of the casing, eliminating the need for an additional purchase. The aluminum construction has high thermal conductivity. Coupled with two fans located at the rear and front of the device, it helps maintain optimal operating temperatures.

The manufacturer of the Whatsminer M31S+ implemented the idea of creating cryptocurrency mining equipment with a working life designed for long-term and intensive use.

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s profitability

Predicting the exact income for users mining on Whatsminer M31S+ is challenging. Many factors influence profitability calculations and the payback period of the equipment:

  • The amount of time the miner spends daily on mining
  • Liquidity of the mined coins
  • Hosting costs or rental of space in data centers if there is no dedicated facility
  • Blockchain difficulty
  • Electricity tariff
  • Maintenance costs for the equipment

Only comparing all these parameters can indicate the expected profitability of Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s. However, the result will be individual and subject to changes based on the cryptocurrency market situation and adjustments to other criteria.

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s calculator

You can calculate the payback of the ASIC yourself using special formulas or use an online mining calculator. Our website provides this program. The buyer should enter the model name, electricity price, and cryptocurrency, and the calculator will compute the payback of Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s for specific time intervals of operation.

Whatsminer M31S+ 84Th/s power consumption

The M31S+ ASIC falls into the budget category of miners. The energy consumption of Whatsminer M31S+ is considered average – 3360 W. The device features an energy-saving mode, significantly reducing electricity expenses.

You can purchase the top-tier Whatsminer M31S+ at a favorable price from the Ultramining store. We offer assistance in selecting the model and calculating online on the website. If this ASIC is not suitable for the miner, the catalog presents a variety of other mining equipment with different performance levels.

Performance: 84 Th/s;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Power Consumption: 3360 W;

Input Voltage: AC, 220-240V;


Number of Fans: 2;

Energy Efficiency: 42 J/Th;

Operating Temperature Range: from +5⁓+35°C;

Noise Level: 75 dB;

Weight: 10.5 kg;

Dimensions: 430x155x226mm.

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