Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s

Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 76 Th/s
  • Energy
    3490 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s
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The Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s is a budget-friendly cryptocurrency mining equipment. It mines popular coins such as BTC and Bitcoin Cash using the SHA-256 algorithm. The ASIC is equipped with an 8nm processor from the renowned brand Samsung. The device's hash rate is increasing, thanks to innovative software and technical solutions.

Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s Price

The manufacturer has set competitive prices for the Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s in comparison to other models. The equipment's cost varies, influenced by the exchange rate of the dollar.

Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s Specifications

Before purchasing the Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s ASIC, it is recommended to explore its specifications. This energy-efficient equipment allows even beginners to start earning immediately through Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency mining. The M31S+ miner's sturdy aluminum casing protects its internal components from mechanical impact and dust penetration. The aluminum's thermal conductivity reliably prevents the working modules from overheating. Two built-in coolers cool the integrated boards and expel hot air from them. The device operates at different room temperatures and is not afraid of high humidity. The ASIC's setup is simple – the equipment is plugged into the power and connected to the Internet. Mining is done automatically.

The mining ASIC has high integration, with coin production built on hash rate chips. MicroBT's miner is reliable, stable, and competitively priced. The equipment operates without failures around the clock. To ensure the device operates with increased efficiency, miners need to regularly perform ASIC diagnostics.

Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s Profitability

The profitability of the Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s miner depends on the cost of 1 kilowatt of electricity at the time of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining. Miner profit is calculated by entering data about the cryptocurrency and the pool for connection. If necessary, rental costs are also factored into the calculation. The Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s ASIC stands out for its low energy consumption compared to other models in this line. If the miner operates the device every day, their income will significantly increase. According to experts, the cryptocurrency mining device pays off within several years.

Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s Calculator

Calculating ASIC profitability is straightforward. The online calculator on the website can be used. Miners don't need to use integrals and formulas to calculate their income. The Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s calculator is used in a simple scheme: specify the device model, the cost per kilowatt of electricity, and the coin name. The calculator operates automatically, so within a few seconds, the miner sees the average earnings per day, month, and year on the display.

Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s Power Consumption

The power consumption of the Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s miner is 3400-4400 W. These are average values when using the economical mode embedded in the device. The Whatsminer M31S+ 76 Th/s equipment can be purchased at an attractive price on the website. The online store features various models of devices for cryptocurrency mining.

Power Consumption: 3400-4400 W

Noise Level: Up to 75 dB

Performance: 70-76 TH/s

Operating Temperature Range: From 5 to +45°C

Cooling System: Air

Energy Efficiency: 4.6 W/Th

Performance: 76 Gh/s

Algorithm: SHA-256

Weight: 10.5 kg

Dimensions: 390 x 150 x 240 mm

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