Whatsminer M30S++ 110 Th/s

Whatsminer M30S++ 110 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 110 Th/s
  • Energy
    3410 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M30S++ 110 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s - designed for professional users who aim to maximize profits from mining. The model is characterized by impressive power and performance. The miner appeared in 2020 on the market and does not lose relevance all these years. The device is valued for its high profitability, even in conditions of a significant increase in the complexity of mining.

Technical equipment Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s

Asic manufacturer, MicroBT, set a goal to develop hardware with high hash rate while reducing power consumption. To achieve this goal helped to use 8 nm chips from a reliable partner, Samsung. 

The model differs from the previous versions by more compact dimensions of the power supply, which reduced the overall size of the device and weight. 

The heat exchange system was also modernized. The manufacturer placed the internal heatsink closer to the boards in order to remove heat from them faster. Two high-capacity fans equipped with protective covers are responsible for maintaining optimal temperatures inside the design. 

If the equipment will be operated in a round-the-clock mode, the capacity of the fans may not be enough for proper cooling of the miner. In order to prevent overheating, a good air conditioning system should be provided in the room, and the operating temperature and humidity range should not be exceeded.

Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s miner profitability

Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s is the top equipment for mining. With the optimal ratio of cryptocurrency exchange rate and electricity costs, the asic will bring a decent profit. How high the profitability of Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s will be, depends still on the room rental fee, if you do not have your own area to place a mining park, and the complexity of mining. This model is capable of mining any coins using the SHA-256 algorithm, but it is mainly programmed for mining Bitcoin, LitecoinCash, BitcoinCash, Peercoin, DigiByte, BitcionSV.

Online calculator for calculating the profitability of Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s

You can use the online calculator to pre-calculate the profitability of Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s on the website. This is a tool that allows you to quickly visualize the potential profit from the purchase of equipment, taking into account market conditions, pooling fees and network complexity.

The program data should be considered as an arithmetic mean. The program takes into account the current rate of the selected coin and analytical data on the forecast of growth/decline in the value of cryptocurrency, so the indicators during the operation can change in one direction or another.

Whatsminer M30S++ 110Th/s asicom power consumption

Energy consumption of the miner is quite high, but this is taking into account the operation of the device 24/7. It is also worth understanding that it is impossible to achieve such a high speed of 110Th/s with low power consumption. MicroBT developers are working on reducing the power consumption of 3410 W even further.

Buy this model of miner or pick up more suitable for a particular budget, which will be relevant for several years and bring solid profits, we offer on the site from a wide range at a loyal cost.

Capacity: 110 Th/s;

Power consumption: 3410 W;

Coins to be mined: BCH, BTC and others;

Cooling: 2 fans;

Energy Efficiency: 31 W/Th;

Weight: 10.5 kg;

Operating temperatures: +5 to +400 C;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Noise level: 75 dB;

Dimensions: 39x13x22 cm.

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