Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s

Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 106 Th/s
  • Energy
    3286 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

The flagship model Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s miner from the manufacturer MicroBT is a successful investment in cryptocurrency mining for the long term. There are more productive asics on the market, but it is this model that has gained popularity due to its stable operation and lack of breakdowns if the operating instructions are followed. 

Technical equipment (characteristics) Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s

Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s is often compared with the competitive Antminer S19 equipment, but it is superior at a lower price point (more accessible to users). The maximum processing power of the hardware is 106 Th/s. The asic runs on 8nm chips manufactured by Samsung.

It comes fully assembled, you will not have to buy separate elements. It has an aluminum construction with a built-in power supply model P-21-GB-12-3300. 

The built-in cooling system is represented by two coolers mounted on the sides of the device, it provides the miner with the ultimate hashing power, while the computer remains cool. But it is important that the humidity of the room does not rise above 90%, and the temperature is between 0 - 45°C.

The Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s model appeared in 2020, but holds a leading position in the market. MicroBT engineers regularly update the firmware of the technique, which improves the operation of chips and cooling system, resulting in an increase in asic performance by almost 30%.

Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s Asic yield

The miner mines cryptocurrency using the SHA-256 algorithm. The main mining coins are BTC and BCH. These are the most stable and demanded currencies in the virtual money market. Even with fluctuations in the exchange rate, the equipment for their extraction will pay off and bring profit. The only difference is the time of self-repayment. 

On the profitability of the miner Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s has a key role several factors: the cost of electricity, the current exchange rate of the extracted coin, others. 

Calculator to calculate the profitability of Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s

You can calculate the profitability of the miner yourself on the website, using the online calculator. The program already includes hash rate data and electricity consumption, the site visitor only needs to specify the price of electricity. The calculator will calculate what net profit can be obtained from the equipment for a day, month or year, taking into account the costs, and will show the payback period of the investment. It is worth understanding that the figures obtained may vary depending on market conditions, changes in tariffs and the behavior of the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

Whatsminer M30S++ Asic consumes 106 Th/s

The energy efficiency of the device is 31 W/Th with a power consumption of 3286 W. The Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s is equipped with 8nm chips, the energy efficiency of which is higher than previous models on 7nm chips. Also, lower power consumption is achieved by increasing the hash rate, so that mining becomes profitable at any fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate and bring high income. 

Buy an asic Whatsminer M30S++ 106 Th/s or another model at a favorable price can be found on the site. To calculate the profitability of the equipment, it is recommended to use an online calculator. All devices come with a 180-day warranty.

Performance: 104 Th/s;

Working algorithm: SHA-256;

Energy Efficiency: 31 W/Th;

Power Consumption: 3286 W;

Cryptocurrency: BTC, BCH;

Cooling system: air, 2 fans;

Weight: 11.7 kg;

Operating temperatures: from +0 to +45°C;

Noise level: up to 72 dB;

Dimensions: 43x15.5x22.6 cm.

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