Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s

Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 62 Th/s
  • Energy
    3038 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s is a reliable yet compact asic that is not prone to overheating. Thoughtful model consumes about 3000 W of electrical energy, and gives a good performance. The miner is made of metal, so it is protected from temperature fluctuations, mechanical impact and increased moisture.

Features Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s

The main feature of the miner is the 8nm technical process. This is a chip that guarantees simple and fast mining. In addition, fans are provided: they are located on the side of the board. So the asic will not overheat even with prolonged use, which is very convenient.

Built into the model is the classic mode of dual voltage. That is, probable fluctuations will not affect the performance of the equipment. In case of power outages, the efficiency will practically not change. The hash rate of 62 Th/s laid down by the manufacturer is suitable for bitcoin mining. Thus, the owner of the device will earn the popular cryptocurrency at home.

Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s yields

It is difficult to immediately name the Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s yield of the Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s model, actual at the moment. Due to changes in the exchange rate of fiat currencies and digital coins, the values change regularly. Therefore, calculations need to be approached individually.

It is worth highlighting several aspects that affect the potential profit. We are talking about spending on possible rent and related services, as well as the time that the miner is willing to devote to mining. The more hours per day, the higher the earnings. It is best to choose popular digital coins with a stable exchange rate, pegged to the dollar or euro. So, the chances of regularly coming out in the plus significantly increase.

Each of these parameters will help to suggest by what timeframe the investment in asic will pay off. Transparent and net fee is calculated after the associated costs. It should be taken into account to understand when investments will bring income.

The energy efficiency of 49 W/Th should also be noted. Despite the high extraction rate, there will not be huge energy costs.

M20S 62 Th/s Calculator

If it is difficult to calculate on your own how much Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s asic will bring in per day, week or month, it is suggested to do it online. A convenient and transparent online calculator is presented to the attention of users. It will show in a few seconds how much the equipment will earn a miner on cryptocurrency mining.

For calculations, you need to specify the model, the main technical parameters and the current cost of payment for placement. So, it will be possible to understand what net profit is expected during a particular time period. But it is important to remember that the amount can be both less and more. The calculator provides general figures.

M20S 62 Th/s consumption

The Whatsminer M20S 62 Th/s asic has a consumption rate of 3038 W. This is a stable figure, but if you additionally activate the manufacturer's built-in power saving mode, this is how you can save money. The average value will allow you to pay off the miner faster with regular earnings and output in the plus.

Buy the model Whatsminer M20S 62 Th / s can be found in the online store. All the main parameters and the current price are listed in the catalog. In addition, there are other models for comparison. Originality, payback and maximum power are guaranteed.

Working algorithm: SHA-256;

Performance: 62 Th/s;

Energy Efficiency: 49 W/Th;

Power Consumption: 3038 W;

Operating temperature range: -5°C to +40°C;

Dimensions: 39x13x24 cm;

Weight: 11.2 kg.

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