Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s

Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 60 Th/s
  • Energy
    2940 W
Profitability calculation Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s
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The popular brand Whatsminer released the M20S 60 Th/s series back in 2019, but it is still relevant and in demand. At that time, it was the flagship solution. The manufacturer equipped the ASIC model with a 12nm chip in the technical process to enable the device to easily, quickly, and efficiently mine cryptocurrency coins using the SHA-256 algorithm.

Characteristics of the Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s

The built-in functionality in the equipment marked the beginning of modernized developments. The manufacturer emphasized the unique designed KF1921 integrated microchip, which has a positive impact on energy efficiency at 49 W/Th. Such a performance allows the powerful processor to handle all tasks while consuming minimal electricity. Based on this model, the next series, the M21S, was released.

The basic Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s equipment stands out with its high-performance characteristics. Although it is not perfect in terms of software, you can update the firmware to achieve a significant boost in performance.

Additionally, it's worth highlighting the hash rate of 60 Th/s. The equipment has a high computational speed, which ensures high and efficient performance. Profitability and cost-effective energy efficiency are also noteworthy.

Profitability of the Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s

Even with the M20S specifications of 60 Th/s, it's still challenging to accurately determine the weekly or monthly income amount. Several factors affect net profit. It is recommended to consider individual electricity tariffs and whether the space is rented for equipment placement or not. In the latter case, you can save significantly. The key is to ensure that the space has good sound insulation if it's a home or apartment because the equipment operates quite loudly. It can be compared to a blender or a drill. Constant exposure to such sounds can cause discomfort.

The profitability of the Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s depends on how much time you spend on mining and which specific cryptocurrency coins you prefer.

Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s Calculator

It is recommended to use a specialized calculator for preliminary calculations and statistics. It will help determine whether it's profitable to acquire an ASIC miner. You can estimate the minimum and maximum periods required to recoup the equipment and when you will start making a net profit, considering the calculation of potential rent and electricity costs.

Unique algorithms provide the information, and the equipment is considered innovative, so the margin of error is minimal. It can be used instead of a professional consultant.

Power Consumption of the Whatsminer M20S 60 Th/s

As stated by the manufacturer, the power consumption is 2940 W, which is an average figure. There will be no significant overpayments for electricity. Additionally, you can activate the energy-saving mode. This function is one of the most popular features in this model. During peak hours, M20S power consumption of 60 Th/s will significantly decrease, but you won't have to minimize the operating hours of the device. This means that your earnings will remain at a high level.

Performance: 60 Th/s;

Noise Level: up to 80 dB;

Energy Efficiency: 49 W/Th;

Temperature Range: from +5 to +45 degrees Celsius;

Weight: 12.5 kg;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Number of Coolers: 2;

Dimensions: 130 x 220 x 390;

Processor Type: KF1921.

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