Avalon A1246 87 Th/s

Avalon A1246 87 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 87 Th/s
  • Energy
    3400 W
Profitability calculation Avalon A1246 87 Th/s
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In January 2021, Canaan released the Avalon A1246 87 Th/s ASIC. In this product line, the manufacturer simplified operation and launch functions to help novice miners quickly grasp management and start mining. The equipment is suitable for both industrial and home use.

Avalon A1246 87 Th/s Specifications

The Avalon A1246 ASIC model incorporates the latest A12 chip architecture. The miner employs artificial intelligence technology, increasing the device's hash rate to 87 Th/s.

These features enable the ASIC Avalon A1246 87 Th/s to mine cryptocurrencies based on first-generation blockchain technology.

The miner is sold with a power supply unit but without a cord, which needs to be purchased separately. It can operate in environments with air humidity ranging from 5 to 95%. The well-thought-out cooling system with 4 fans directs airflows to quickly dissipate heat, also blowing dust away from the electronics. However, this system could potentially cause a short circuit.

Avalon A1246 87 Th/s Profitability

Calculating the profitability of the Avalon A1246 87 Th/s miner during the purchasing stage is challenging. It is influenced by cryptocurrency exchange rates, mining pool, electricity costs, facility rent, device maintenance, or data center space. With access to cheap electricity and regular mining, the payback period can be up to 14 months.

Avalon A1246 87 Th/s Calculator

Formulas exist to calculate ASIC profitability for buyers to assess equipment profitability before purchase. However, these formulas do not consider cryptocurrency market changes, which fluctuate several times a day, and analytical forecasts. Online calculators for Avalon A1246 87 Th/s are available to expedite the profitability calculation process. You can easily find such programs through a Google search. You only need to enter the device model, electricity tariff, and the calculator will generate an approximate profitability result for a specific time period.

Avalon A1246 87 Th/s Price

The ASIC's cost corresponds to its technical specifications. When comparing the price of Avalon A1246 87 Th/s with miners of similar performance from well-known brands like Innosilicon, MicroBT, and Bitmain, Avalon competes seriously while remaining more affordable. It was developed with a broad consumer base in mind.

Avalon A1246 87 Th/s Power Consumption

At the maximum hash rate with the native power supply unit, the device's energy efficiency reaches 38 J/Th. The power consumption of Avalon A1246 87 Th/s is 3400 W at an operating temperature of 25°C, which is a relatively high figure. However, with constant mining and a small electricity fee, high energy costs are offset.

On Canaan's official website, you can find the original firmware to accelerate settings and ensure more accurate equipment operation. Avalon A1246 can be purchased online with delivery through the store's website. If this model is not suitable for mining, the catalog includes many ASICs to meet any miner's requirements.

Performance: 87 Th/s, -3%⁓+3%;

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Power Consumption: 3400 W, -5%⁓+5% (if the miner is connected to a wall outlet);

Input Voltage: AC, 185-285V;

Mined Coins: Bitcoin, DGB, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Cash;

Cooling: Air, 4 fans х12038;

Energy Efficiency: 38 J/Th;

Interface: Ethernet;

Weight: 12.8 kg;

Operating Temperature Range: from +5⁓+35°C;

Noise Level: 75 dB (max.);

Dimensions: 12x8x12 inches.

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