Avalon A1166pro 81T

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm sha-256
  • Hashrate 81 Th/s
  • Power
    3400 W
Profitability calculation Avalon A1166pro 81T
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Canaan Creative manufactures powerful Avalon series miners that compete with Bitmain, a leading manufacturer of ashcas. Among the main advantages of Canaan's products are relatively low power consumption and a design designed for a long service life.

Before you buy the Avalon A1166pro 81 TH/s, study its technical parameters and operating features.

Features and Benefits

Asik A1166 PRO 81 TH/s can not be called compact, but it has a built-in power supply and four fans. The cooling system prevents stagnant thermal air inside the device and contributes to full chip cooling. Two fans are located on each side and work in continuous mode.

Bitmain's main competitor is released in a standard aluminum case, reliably protected from external influences. The metal has high thermal conductivity, which reduces the overheating of the equipment during operation. The layout of the coolers and boards is quite efficient and contributes to the maximum performance of the equipment. The control board with integrated circuits is located at the top of the miner, in the most cooled and protected from accidental damage.

Canaan A1166 PRO miner with increased hash rate and upgraded cooling system is an improved device, which with all the additional parameters has maintained acceptable power consumption level.

Profitability and payback rates depend on the market rate of the mined cryptocurrency. The payback period will be shorter if you buy several miners and combine them into a farm. Profits also depend on the cost of electricity in the region where the user lives.

To mine cryptocurrency in a stable mode, it is necessary to connect to a pool of miners. The right choice of community also affects the user's earnings. If you want to choose a pool that perfectly suits your requirements and power indicators, ask the experts of our website for help.

Technical characteristics:

  • hashing algorithm: SHA-256;
  • cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and others;
  • performance (hash rate): 81 TH/s;
  • power consumption (power): 3400 W/h;
  • operating temperatures: -5...+35°C;
  • Noise level: 75dB;
  • dimensions: 42 x 39.5 x 29 cm;
  • weight 12.8 kg.

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