Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s

Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 81 Th/s
  • Energy
    3400 W
Profitability calculation Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s is a 2020 model developed by the Chinese company Canaan. It is a cryptocurrency mining device designed for SHA-256 algorithm-based operations. Distinguished from previous models, this ASIC features a more functional casing and a straightforward interface.

Specifications of Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s

Unlike models with liquid cooling, this miner is cooled using fans placed inside the casing. The main ASIC board is positioned at the top, the coolest part of the casing, allowing it to operate for extended periods without overheating, efficiently solving problems and mining cryptocurrency. The price of Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s varies due to factors such as power, functionality, power consumption, the cryptocurrency it operates with, and electricity prices.

The cooling system comprises 4 fans ensuring uniform operation without overheating, with a temperature range for normal functioning from 0 to 45 degrees. Compact and weighing 9 kg, it is suitable for smaller spaces, with dimensions of 331 x 195 x 292 mm.

Profitability of Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s

Each ASIC has its profitability, depending on factors such as the amount of cryptocurrency mined per day, ranging from $50 to $250. Profitability also depends on the number of tasks solved, power, and power consumption. Higher electricity costs result in lower net profit. The cost of the miner is also factored in, and net profit is calculated only after full payback.

In this case, payback for the ASIC can occur within six months to a year. The exchange rate also plays a role in profit calculations, as it constantly fluctuates. The higher the rate, the greater the profit, and vice versa.

Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s Calculator

To simplify the task and avoid manual calculations, developers have created a calculator. The Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s calculator provides an approximate income figure, considering that figures may change, especially when profit is calculated in advance. Parameters are entered into a special line, and the program performs the calculation, displaying an approximate income figure for one day or one year.

Power Consumption of Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s

The power consumption of Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s cannot be called minimal but is moderate, given the device's good power. Profit depends on it. Plus, there is a built-in power-saving system, allowing for higher earnings in the end.

You can buy the Avalon A1166 Pro 81 Th/s miner online without leaving your home. On our website, you can find the model you like, with all the parameters described. It is easy to choose an ASIC that suits your budget, power, the amount of cryptocurrency mined per day, and power consumption.

Algorithm: SHA-256;

Cryptocurrency: BTC;

Power Consumption: 3400 W;

Performance: 81 Th/s;

Cooling System: Air;

Dimensions: 331 x 195 x 292 mm;

Power Supply: Built-in.

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