Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s

Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s

  • Coin Monero
  • Algorithm RandomX
  • Hashrate 212 kh/s
  • Energy
    1350 W
Profitability calculation Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s
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Chinese manufacturer Bitmain introduced an advanced computing device for mining Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s. The miner is equipped with modern technical components that ensure high performance of the mining business.

Features Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s

Bitmain Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s is a reliable equipment that is used for mining the digital coin Monero. The productivity is 212 Ksol/s. The calculations of the mining device are performed on the RandomX cryptographic algorithm, which was developed by the Monero Contributor. This innovative scheme is optimized for the CPU and is designed to output XMR cryptocurrency.

The main feature of the algorithm is to provide decentralized mining and egalitarian distribution of rewards. The energy efficiency of the miner reaches 6.37 J/X, which allows you to buy Antminer X5 individualists and huge mining farms. The internal mechanism of the device is protected by a casing that is made of aluminum alloy. The metal construction prevents the penetration of dust and moisture. An air cooling system with 2 fans is responsible for heat dissipation. At the same time, the total noise level is 75 dB. High performance of the equipment is maintained at temperatures from 5 to + 45 degrees Celsius and air humidity from 5 to 95%.

The warranty period of operation is specified in the technical data sheet of the device. Warranty service is provided if the provided instructions are followed and if there are any factory defects.

Yield of Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s

The profitability of the Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s is determined by adding and subtracting the main mining factors. The main components include the costs of mining and realizing the cryptocurrency. This section has an important impact due to the high volatility of the coin. Also the power and technical condition of the equipment affect the profitability. Installed high-tech components and optimal condition of parts contribute to the increase in performance. Positive profitability of the miner depends on the quality of the connection to the Global Network. Optimal speed ensures correct calculations and increased profitability.

Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s Calculator

Online tools can determine the level of profitability and payback status. The Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s calculator will calculate your investment, taking into account the cost of energy resources and the price of Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s. It then displays an approximate result. It can also be used to predict the reward amount for several years in advance.

Consumption of Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s

Currency mining involves energy consumption and a lot of heat. The consumption of Antminer X5 212 Ksol/s reaches 1350 W. This indicator has optimal parameters and does not have a strong impact on the total cost. It is possible to reduce consumption by optimizing the operating system and using additional mining equipment.

Power consumption - 1350 W;
Hash rate - 212 Ksol/s;
Noise level - up to 75 dB;
Cooling - air cooling (2 pcs. fan);
Energy efficiency - 6.37 J/X;
Temperature range - from 5 to + 45 degrees;
Storage temperature - from -20 to + 700C;
Humidity - 5 to 95%;
Algorithm - RandomX;
Weight - 14500 grams;
Coin output - XMR;
Interface - Ethernet RJ45 10/100 M;
Dimensions - 400 x 195 x 290 mm.

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