Antminer T17Е 50 Th/s

Antminer T17Е 50 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 50 Th/s
  • Energy
    2750 W
Profitability calculation Antminer T17Е 50 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Antminer T17E 50 Th/s is an asic based on 7nm chips. Its performance is considered average and allows you to earn cryptocurrency coins relatively quickly and in large quantities compared to what competitors offer. A hash rate of 50 Th/s will allow you to earn good profits while spending less money on electricity and other related costs.

Features of Antminer T17E 50 Th/s

The model has a total of four coolers that cool the system regularly. As soon as the temperature is above average, a special sensor will be triggered, and the fans will begin to function. There is practically no chance of overheating.

Considering the characteristics of Antminer T17E 50 Th/s, it should be noted that the manufacturer has made a big breakthrough. He introduced new technologies and increased performance by 30%, which is significant, for this generation. If there is a choice between the previous and this one, it is better to choose this model.

Yield of T17E 50 Th/s

It is impossible to say clearly what the yield of Antminer T17E 50 Th/s will be. It is important to realize that all these aspects are purely individual. The exchange rate changes regularly, as does the popularity of a particular cryptocurrency coin. Because of these changes, it is important to realize that one month's earnings may be significantly higher than the second or vice versa.

How then do you guess how soon a miner will break even? There are several factors that greatly affect earnings. If there is rent, then you need to deduct it monthly to get a net income. It is also required to do directly with electricity bills. Additionally, it is recommended to pay attention to the energy efficiency of 55 W/Th. The less light consumption - the better.

Antminer T17E 50 Th/s Calculator

There are two methods you can use to calculate your daily, monthly earnings. These are either self-calculations using a special formula or the Antminer T17E 50 Th/s calculator. Since not everyone wants to resort to rather complicated calculations, an online calculator is the way to go. The system will do absolutely everything for the user, which is as convenient as possible.

You can approximately calculate what income will be in a day, week, month, quarter or year. But it is worth understanding that the exchange rate of both fiat and cryptocurrency funds changes constantly, so in reality the profit can be either less or more. Also grow often the bills for the premises where the asic is located, or for electricity. It is better to emphasize the average values and slightly increase the period of potential payback, so that you can then be satisfied with the result.

The calculator works elementary. For calculations, you need to specify the model of the miner, the tariffs for light, select one or more types of digital coins. Then the approximate amount for one or another cryptocurrency will appear on the screen.

Consumption of T17E 50 Th/s

The manufacturer indicates in the specifications that this model has a power consumption of 2750 W. This is an average and acceptable figure. Even without the enabled energy conservation mode, it will be possible to save well on electricity bills, extract more cryptocurrency and thus increase daily income.

It is possible to buy Bitmain Antminer T17E 50 Th/s online profitably. Our online store offers a large selection, low prices and guarantees originality. It is recommended to compare several models to make an accurate and competent choice.

Energy efficiency: 55 W/Th;

Energy consumption: 2750 W;

Weight: 9.5 kg;

Noise level: 75 dB;

Capacity: 50 Th/s;

Temperature range: -5 to +40 degrees;

Dimensions: 175 by 298 by 304 mm;

Algorithm: SHA256.

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