Antminer Т17+ 62 Th/s

Antminer Т17+ 62 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 62 Th/s
  • Energy
    3100 W
Profitability calculation Antminer Т17+ 62 Th/s
Period Reward Income Expenses Profit

Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s is a comfortable to use and productive asic, which belongs to the modern lineup. The model is medium in value, so its functionality is better than that of the younger generation. The miner is built on the basis of 7 nm chips, they are proprietary and patented, have already shown themselves positively in work.

Characteristics of Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s

The 62 Th/s hash rate compares very well with the relatively low price. If someone is just planning to learn how to mine cryptocurrency, it is worth considering this option. The manufacturer points out that it has improved the cooling system, made the design more practical, introduced protection not only from moisture, but also from dust. The power supply also comes in the kit.

Considering the characteristics of Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the noise level is average. It can be compared with a food processor or blender, but if that technique works from time to time, the asic functions almost around the clock. It is better to install the miner in a separate room with high-quality soundproofing. Optimally - a garage or a separate non-residential space. So the sounds will not interfere with household tasks. The longer the miner is planned to work, the better the insulation should be.

Yield of T17+ 62 Th/s

How do I calculate the yield of Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s? It is extremely difficult to achieve an accurate and realistic figure over a long period of time. It is important to realize that the more time a miner spends mining cryptocurrency coins, the higher his profit. But the total value for the day is not income, because it is important to take into account the cost of electricity, rent, if any, and additional expenses.

It is best to study the cryptocurrency market in detail in advance to understand what coins are now in the TOP, on what you can quickly earn, and what options will be profitable in the long term. Usually asics are universal, so you can mine different types of crypto on the same algorithm. Therefore, the main thing is to decide on the direction, study statistics and assume what the rate will be in a year.

But you do not need to be guided by certain figures. Again, everything can change due to the fact that the price tag on cryptocurrency and fiat money is constantly changing.

Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s Calculator

How can you quickly guess how much revenue an Asic will bring in 3 months? If a miner does not want to waste time on complicated formulas and constant recalculations, it is worth paying attention to the Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s calculator. It works online. Everything is as simple and fast as possible, you just need to fill in the blank lines with data. Each of the factors is specified.

Usually it is required to spell out the model of the miner, the type of cryptocurrency, energy efficiency 50 W/Th. Then the calculator will show how much you can earn on average. There is a choice of different periods from a day to a year or even more.

T17+ 62 Th/s consumption

How much will you have to pay for electricity? On average, this model has a consumption of 3100 W. This is a normal and well-performing figure, and you won't have to overpay for it. If you want to save at least a little, it is recommended to activate the energy saving mode.

Where to buy Bitmain Antminer T17+ 62 Th/s miner? Our online store offers a wide selection and also very favorable prices. Everyone will find the right equipment for their needs and maximum budget.

Power consumption: 3100 W;

Weight: 9.7 kg;

Noise level: 75 dB;

Energy Efficiency: 50 W/Th;

Performance: 62 Th/s;

Cooling system: air;

Dimensions: 298 by 178 by 296 mm;

Algorithm: SHA-256.

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