Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s

Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s

  • Coin Bitcoin
  • Algorithm SHA-256
  • Hashrate 110 Th/s
  • Energy
    3250 W
Profitability calculation Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s
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Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s is a famous S19 series asic, released in 2021 by the leader in the production of mining equipment, Bitmain factory. This is a popular brand device for bitcoin mining. The feature of the asic is a relatively high hash rate with minimal power consumption, which makes it a profitable investment in the mining business.

Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s from Bitmain was a modernized version of the S17 series. The main change involved the heatsinks. In the S17 they were separate on each chip, which caused frequent breakdowns, and in the S19A Pro the manufacturer installed a single solid heatsink, which minimized defects in the assembly.

Characteristics of Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s miner

The design of the Antminer S19A Pro has a standard shape for the series. It is equipped with a powerful air cooling system, represented by 4 coolers - two for inlet and two for outlet air. They provide stable operation of the miner, protecting it from overheating. In the asics used power supplies of a new type APW12 with high conversion efficiency. The operation of the equipment is based on 3 hash boards, each with 114 chips.

Despite its good energy efficiency and power, the Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s async is priced in the mid-price segment of Bitmain products. The manufacturer's goal was to create a miner that would be profitable twice - both at the purchase stage and during mining. The cost reduction was influenced by a reduction in the number of chips, modern firmware and modernization of the power circuit architecture.

Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s asic yields

The Antminer S19A Pro has a favorable ratio of miner power and power consumption. Operating on the SHA-256 crypto algorithm, the miner is designed to mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash coins. This cryptocurrency has held the leading position of digital money since its emergence, and its mining brings high profitability.

It is not easy to accurately determine the profitability of the Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s miner. It depends on the exchange rate of the coins being mined, the cost of electricity in the place where the async is used, the complexity of mining, and rental costs if the equipment is located in a rented room.

Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s payback calculator

Online calculators are used to calculate the profitability of Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s miner. These are special programs for mining that can be easily found on the Internet.

Using the calculator is easy: you need to enter the model of the asic, hash rate, and electricity tariff in separate fields. After a couple of seconds, the program will show the result, what the expected profit can bring asic in a day, month, year. The calculator takes into account many variables in the crypto industry, maintenance costs and other parameters that affect the profitability of the asic and reduce the risk of investing in unprofitable equipment.

Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s Consumption

The Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s consumes 3250 W. This is slightly above average power consumption when you consider the high performance of the asic. To reduce consumption even further, the miner has a power saving mode.

You can buy Antminer S19A Pro 110 Th/s asic at the price from the manufacturer online in the store. If this model does not fit the payback, there are many other mining equipment from Bitmain in the catalog.

Supports algorithm - SHA-256;

Noise - 80 dB;

Performance - 110 Th/s;

Cryptocurrencies - VSN, VTS;

Cooling - air cooling, 4 coolers;

Energy Efficiency - 29.5 W/Th;

Power supply type - APW12;

Power Consumption - 3250 W;

Weight - 12,5 kg;

Operating temperature range - from -5 to +400 C;

Dimensions - 195x400x290 mm.

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