Antminer E3 190 Mh/s

Antminer E3 190 Mh/s

  • Coin Ethereum
  • Algorithm Ethash
  • Hashrate 190 Mh/s
  • Energy
    800 W
Profitability calculation Antminer E3 190 Mh/s
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Antminer is a popular brand of mining equipment created by Bitmain Technologies. Among the devices of this brand there are instances of different power and algorithms, which makes this brand universal for the crypto market. The products of this company easily compete with flagship developments in the world of cryptomining.

Characteristics of Antminer E3 190 Mh/s

Antminer E3 190 Mh/s is an excellent device for a mining farm. It is one of the reliable and low-consumption asic miners on the current cryptocurrency market, having a hash rate of 190 Mh/s. The energy efficiency of the miner is 4 W/Th.

The hardware is based on the Ethash algorithm, which is used by Ethereum to verify and process transactions and create new blocks. Antminer E3 190 Mh/s is not suitable for mining other cryptocurrencies with different algorithms. For beginner miners, such an asic is not suitable, because for mining Callisto, Ethereum and Pirl currencies, you need to be well oriented in the cryptocurrency exchange.

Antminer E3 190 Mh/s profitability

The profitability of Antminer E3 190 Mh/s depends on several key factors.

First and foremost, you need to consider the cost of electricity that is charged during the mining process. Efficient energy management and access to cheap electricity can significantly increase profitability.

The cryptocurrency exchange rate directly affects a miner's profitability, and it is impossible to remain successful without regularly monitoring cryptocurrency exchange data. Miners can also earn additional income for processing transactions. During periods of increased network activity, this is especially profitable.

Sometimes miners have to rent premises where the equipment is placed (especially if there is a lot of equipment on the farm and it makes a lot of noise when working). This will also require additional costs. In the case of Antminer E3 190 Mh/s, due to the relatively small size of the device and its low power consumption, as well as minimal noise during operation, additional premises are often not required.

Antminer E3 190 Mh/s Calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate your profit in no time. No specialized knowledge or lengthy calculations are required, just use the Antminer E3 190 Mh/s calculator. It is available online. It is necessary to enter data in the appropriate fields, and the algorithms will calculate the income of the miner for a specified period of time.

This calculator allows you to calculate:

  • payback of the technique;
  • potential costs and expenses in the course of mining;
  • fluctuations of the income fork depending on the prospects of exchange rate stability.

The calculator is the easiest way to perform a financial analysis in mining.

Antminer E3 190 Mh/s power consumption

The 800 W power consumption makes it easy for anyone who decides to buy Antminer E3 to save on electricity. At the same time, the device makes almost no noise during operation, which allows the owner of the farm not to spend money on soundproofing the room. Therefore, given that the price of Bitmain Antminer E3 190 Mh/s is relatively affordable, it will soon be possible to mine a good profit after buying the device.

Weight: 12 kg;

Power consumption: 800 W;

Cooling: air;

Coolers: 2;

Noise level: up to 76 dB;

Temperature range: 0 to +40°C;

Dimensions: 399 x 130 x 328 mm.

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