Montana’s Pro-Crypto Mining Bill Poised to Boost Economy and Attract Investment

  • Sergey Maga
  • 09:12 Mar 25, 2023
Montana’s Pro-Crypto Mining Bill Poised to Boost Economy and Attract Investment

The Montana Senate recently passed a pro-crypto mining bill designed to protect individual and commercial miners operating within the state. The proposed law is now being considered by the state’s House of Representatives. If approved, it could bring several benefits to Montana, including an economic boost and an influx of businesses from the wider cryptocurrency sector.

The bill aims to protect miners against taxes on digital assets used as a means of payment and permit home crypto miners using less than 1 megawatt of energy annually to operate, except when in contravention of existing noise bylaws. It also seeks to eliminate any energy rate classification that discriminates against home crypto mining and digital asset businesses.

Montana is known for its high wind energy potential, ranking fifth in the U.S. according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Crypto mining could help utilize this potential by serving as an early buyer of power generated from remote wind projects in the state.

Montana State Senator Daniel Zolnikov, the chief advocate of the bill, believes that updated legislation could attract mining companies to the state, boosting the region’s economy directly and indirectly. He stated that more digital asset miners would likely invest in rural communities, creating jobs and welcoming innovative companies to Montana.

However, concerns over the sustainability of crypto mining remain. An influx of mining companies may lead to energy challenges, as witnessed in states like New York and Texas. Montana already experiences high per capita energy consumption due to extreme weather conditions.

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