If you are a specialist in mining

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 11:23 May 25, 2022
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If you are a specialist in mining

Despite all the problems, the blockchain industry continues to increase. It means that it can offer new vacancies and specialities. Probably, it’s the only field now where you can find a job with a good salary. So which specialists are needed here?

Private mining works together with the industrial mining and personal crypto-farms hiring:

  • Room designers
  • Home improvement specialists
  • Electricians
  • Ventilation installation masters
  • Computer setup specialists

It’s a rather difficult process to make a farm and provide the life and productive work there. That's why the bigger the farm is, the more workers it demands. Don’t forget that behind the crypto-farm is situated a huge infrastructure field that can maintain all processes. For example:

  • Producing of special containers
  • Manufacturing of cooling baths and devices for noise absorption
  • Ventilation equipment, etc.

In this field many engineers can find a job. In addition the farm needs regular maintenance service, check-up conditions, cleaning and other. It means that technical staff are always needed.

What about the salary, of course, it depends on different factors, but the average sums are:

  1. The master of fixing ASIC-mainers can get 50 000
  2. The salary of engineers and high-level specialists starts from 60 000

Of course, they are ready to pay more for qualified staff who have experience and responsibility. So, if you want to start education and change the way of work you can look at the crypto field.

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