Mining zones similar to gambling clubs may appear in the Irkutsk region

  • 12:03 Dec 14, 2022
Mining zones similar to gambling clubs may appear in the Irkutsk region

Initiated by the governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev, it is proposed to open zones for legal cryptocurrency mining. At the same time, mining will be prohibited in the remaining territory.

The governor expressed this opinion at one of the press conferences, noting that there are areas with excess capacity in the region, which allow organizing such processes.

In addition, the authorities are discussing the prospect of introducing special prices for electricity in connection with the activity of miners who have significantly increased the load on the network. Even though back in the summer it was planned to increase the cost in proportion to the volume of consumption, the governor considered such a step premature:

First, mining should be regulated: adopt an appropriate law and bring cryptocurrency mining into the regulatory sphere. In this regard, there is a proposal to allocate areas where there is a surplus of capacity and create special zones, similar to gambling zones. However, after that, cryptocurrency mining should be prohibited in other places.

Igor Kobzev also noted that there is a possibility of opening a line for industrial mining. He is sure that this activity is entrepreneurial, so it should be useful for the region.


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