A residential complex for BTC appears in Argentina

  • 10:14 Jun 02, 2022
A residential complex for BTC appears in Argentina

The first luxury residential complex that will help its inhabitants to get fees for living will be built in Belgano district (Buenos-Aires). It will become the place for BTC-mining. The complex, named Pampa 2.0 and collected $10-15 millions investments, will have 9 floors and 32 apartments.

There will be 5-10 mining machines. The company responsible for the operations will get a percentage of mined coins. The project developer said that his goal is to have enough income from crypto-mining to pay for living and even have extra-income.

According to the words of the main developer Damin Lopo it is very important to choose the correct time for innovations because it should be too early or too late. For calculating the BTC volatility the founder is going to take the average during the 12 month period and use it as the estimation basis. Damin Lopo supposed that the cost will be about $2500 per m2 and it means that the average price for an apartment will be $120 000.

 The developer said that the cost of living in the Pampa 2.0 will be lower because of innovations implemented in lightning, isolation and the sun-battery systems. Also he ensured that even if the mining-project will not be successful it doesn’t mean that the inhabitants will have no means of livelihood.

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