A solo miner managed to mine a BTC-block

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 18:00 Jan 23, 2023
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A solo miner managed to mine a BTC-block

Block #772793 was included in the bitcoin hash rate on January 20. It is noteworthy that it was done by a lone miner, whose equipment capacity was 10 Th/s. CKPool representative Kon Kolivas was the first to tell what happened. 

Looking at the processing power at the time the miner received the block, it reached 273.2 Eh/s, according to GlassNode. Thus, the lucky share of the figure does not exceed 0.000000036%. Con Colivas also noted that this is an extremely rare event. 

The uniqueness of what happened is that with such power, which was a solo miner, he can calculate the block no more than 1 time in 500 years. 

Members of the community recommended the lucky colleague buy a lottery ticket. Recall that earlier, in the fall of 2022, the block was found by a solo miner with much more powerful equipment: 270 Th/s. The closest figure was that of a CKPool user in April, but this value was also much higher and amounted to 60Th/s. 

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