Riot Blockchain increased BTC-mining

  • 14:58 Jun 03, 2022
Riot Blockchain increased BTC-mining

Listed on Nasdaq, crypto company Riot Blockchain mined 466 BTC during May, increasing the result of the previous year period by 104%. On the 31st of May 2022 accumulated reserves amounted to 6536 BTC and all it was mined itself.

Last month 250 BTC were sold and these transactions brought $7.5 millions of net revenue. There are 43 458 miners working at the Riot and the total hashrate is 4.6EH/s. The Head of the Riot Blockchain Jason Les announced that after launching 7855 additional machines this parameter will increase till 5,4 EH/s.

In April crypto companies shares declined much more than bitcoin. According to the new industry metric by Arcane Research stocks of Riot and Marathon Digital were overestimated in comparison to other public miners. Riot’s shares lost 36,62% in May.

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