Rhodium prepares to go public on Nasdaq

  • Ultramining.com
  • 15:09 Sep 30, 2022
Rhodium prepares to go public on Nasdaq

The company plans to close the deal with SilverSun Technologies before the IPO. Note that the company was doing to start the process earlier but changed the decision.

Before BTC Miner goes public on Nasdaq, the merger with SilverSun Technologies Inc. will be completed. This company deals with business applications and technology. The extension of the timing of the listing on the exchange was changed because of the prevailing market conditions.

According to Chase Blackmon, head of Rhodium:

The company is confident that such a merger will help achieve growth in the long term, as operating within the U.S. financial markets holds good promise.

SilverSun and Rhodium are preparing to merge before the end of the year. The opportunity will open up for SilverSun shareholders to participate in the growth and development of Rhodium. Once all formalities are completed, Mark Meller, as well as others in key positions, will retain their positions.

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