Miners are actively interested in Litecoin

  • Ultramining.com
  • 21:01 Nov 15, 2022
Miners are actively interested in Litecoin

According to data recorded by the Litecoin ecosystem, there has been an increase in interest from miners for 30 days. The amount of commissions has also increased.

If in summer the hashrate was at 355.37 Th/s, now it has reached 535.6 Th/s. The profitability of mining this cryptocurrency is in the green zone. According to CryptoCompare, at the current value of $58.13 per coin, the average profit for the month reaches $29.16.

The situation looks quite interesting, especially against the background of the fact that the difficulty of mining bitcoin is almost at an all-time high, and the discussion in the media and social networks Litecoin in November decreased by more than 50%. However, at the same time, there is a clear upward trend in LTC's capitalization, with the coin's share rising to 0.47%. For an altcoin, this is a notable figure.

Recall that the high for this cryptocurrency - $410.26 - was noted in May last year.

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