Mining summit awaits you in November, only... you have to go to Mexico

  • 21:57 Oct 11, 2022
Mining summit awaits you in November, only... you have to go to Mexico

Bitmain is a top producer of cryptocurrency farming devices. It is this campaign that is planning a grand event that will unite miners from all over the world. The event will be held in the context of promoting its own brand - Antminer.

The World Digital Mining Summit 2022 is scheduled for the 8th-10th of next month.

The organizers note that the main leitmotif of the event will be PoW Power and Mining Impetus. Also invited speakers will pay a lot of attention to other aspects of virtual currency mining.

Such as:

  • development of the industry;
  • exploring new directions for further development;
  • support for people who are just starting to mine and do not know where to start.

Important point

This is not the first time Bitmain has held such events. Last year the company organized WDMS 2021 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), WDMS 2019 in Frankfurt (Germany).

This time the organizers decided to hold the event near the United States of America. As a reminder, the United States is the first country in the world to lead in hash rate. But the Latin American region is not going to give up its positions either. That is why it is very attractive to investors.

Why this news is important to the mining community

PoW, according to the virtual coin mining industry, is probably the best decentralized mining method.

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