Greenpeace’s “Satoshi Skull” Artwork Becomes Unlikely Mascot for Bitcoin Supporters

  • Sergey Maga
  • 11:00 Mar 25, 2023
Greenpeace’s “Satoshi Skull” Artwork Becomes Unlikely Mascot for Bitcoin Supporters

Greenpeace’s latest artwork, “Satoshi Skull,” was intended to highlight Bitcoin’s climate impact and call for a change in the cryptocurrency’s consensus mechanism. However, the artwork has received unexpected admiration from Bitcoin supporters who have embraced it as a new mascot.

The 11ft (3.3m) tall skull, made from recycled e-waste, features a Bitcoin logo and red laser eyes, which has become a popular meme among Bitcoin supporters. Greenpeace’s marketing efforts took an unexpected turn when Bitcoin supporters expressed their admiration for the artwork, with some already using it as a mascot.

Greenpeace launched its anti-Bitcoin campaign about a year ago, along with other climate groups and Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen. The campaign aims to pressure Bitcoin developers, miners, and the government, claiming that 30 “key” organizations could take Bitcoin out of proof-of-work mode if they agree to the change.

In a tweet, Greenpeace USA emphasized Bitcoin’s environmental impact and the need for change. “Bitcoin causes HUGE pollution and has become a major obstacle in our fight to phase out fossil fuels. So we teamed up with Benjamin von Wong to create this laser-eyed giant to help us raise awareness and cause change.”

Despite the intended message, Bitcoin supporters have found the artwork “cool” and have even changed their social media profile images to the Satoshi skull. Will Foxley, director of media strategy at crypto-miner Compass Mining, called it “cool” while Coin Metrics co-founder Nick Carter described it as “the most metallic Bitcoin artwork to date.”

Some Twitter users also analyzed the artwork, with one noting that the chimneys on the skull’s head resemble nuclear cooling towers emitting steam. However, it is unclear if Greenpeace intended this symbolism or if it was simply a coincidence.

In summary, Greenpeace’s artwork “Satoshi Skull” aimed to highlight Bitcoin’s climate impact, but it has unexpectedly become a new mascot for Bitcoin supporters.

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