The State Duma said that miners will be forced to pay taxes

  • 25 January, 2023 16:06
The State Duma said that miners will be forced to pay taxes

Russia is included in the list of countries leading in terms of bitcoin capacity. After the flight of miners from China in 2021, the United States, Kazakhstan and Russia rose in the ranking. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation advocated the taxation of Russian miners.
The State Duma also supports such an initiative. MP Anatoly Aksakov, who heads the Financial Market Committee in the lower house of parliament, said that the authorities would not introduce a new tax calculation system for miners.

They will be able to work within the already existing regulatory framework that the rest of the business uses. That is, the tax rate will be formed according to the principle applied to other enterprises. For example, if the miner is registered as an individual entrepreneur, then he will pay to the budget in accordance with the current legislation.

The draft law on the legalization of the mining industry was submitted to the State Duma on November 17, 2022. There are still disagreements between the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance on the format of licensing companies that mine cryptocurrency.

The financial department opposes the total licensing of miners and the prohibition of crypto mining outside the experimental legal regime, which the Central Bank insists on.

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