Mining legalization will bring 50 billion rubles to the budget

  • 16:24 Nov 22, 2022
Mining legalization will bring 50 billion rubles to the budget

The law, which will regulate the sphere of cryptocurrencies and mining, is now being considered at the level of the State Duma. If the document is adopted, next year the budget will be replenished by a large amount.

Igor Runec, CEO of BitRiver, estimates a revenue increase of about 50 billion. He believes that the market participants will perceive the decision to introduce regulatory measures positively, as many have long been ready for such developments. It will bring clarity to the mining process and the subsequent circulation of digital assets.

Nevertheless, there are also several aspects of the draft law that need to be finalized. For example, the taxation of cryptocurrency mining.

According to the document under consideration, from 2023, miners are offered to sell the coins received on foreign platforms. In this case, if it will take place within the country, it is necessary to refer to a specially designed ecosystem for this purpose.

Experts note the positive reaction of the community to this document. First of all, it is associated with the prospect of withdrawal of the process of cryptocurrency mining from the dark zone.

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