Best сryptocurrency сards in 2023

  • 2 March, 2023 09:18
Best сryptocurrency сards in 2023

Cryptocurrency has already become a part of everyday life: you can pay for pretty much any services with it, you can use it as an investment tool, you can join mining pools for crypto or in the cloud (there is also solo-mode), it is accepted in hundreds of metaverses. Many apps also use cryptocurrency to pay for subscription services. 

The logical next step is the creation of cryptocurrency credit and debit cards. A virtual crypto bank card is usually tied to a crypto wallet of a certain service like exchange or wallet. When you pay with a cryptocurrency debit card, the cryptocurrency is converted into a traditional fiat currency and used to pay for purchased goods or services. 

Just like regular bank cards, there are debit and credit ones.

Credit cards allow you to receive cashback and bonuses for purchases that can be used to pay off previous transactions. Some crypto cards offer rewards in cryptocurrency, the terms and conditions will state. For example, when paying with a cryptocurrency card, you get, for instance, 1% cashback in BTC for some categories of goods.

A debit card works almost the same – you get cashback for purchases, but in this case you can choose either cryptocurrency or fiat currency in which the cashback will be credited to the card.

Below are several options for crypto bank cards with great benefits and perks.

Best crypto debit and credit cards in 2023


The crypto card from the service supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, it is used by more than 10 million people worldwide. The best crypto Visa card allows you to get up to 8% cashback on purchases, subject to certain conditions.

In addition to cryptocurrency, the card can be replenished with fiat funds. The company accepts over 20 fiat currencies and works anywhere where regular Visa cards are accepted.

The platform requires all users to pass KYC verification. card benefits:

  • You can pay for Netflix, Spotify, Expedia, Lounge, Airbnb and Amazon Prime services with cryptocurrency.
  • No fee cash withdrawals from ATMs up to $1,000.
  • The ability to receive cashback from 1% to 8% for card expenses.
  • The card allows you to earn on staking CRO, a native token of the platform.
  • Convenient mobile app where you can set up an account and manage your card, view cashback, etc.
  • Standard platform commission for transactions.
  1. Gemini Cryptocurrency Card

The Gemini cryptocurrency credit card works on the Mastercard payment system and promises a luxury experience. Unlike other crypto cards, Gemini allows you to receive rewards instantly for purchases in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies (in total, the service works with more than 40 cryptocurrencies). Cashback categories: 3% for restaurants, 2% for groceries and 1% for all other purchases.

The card is issued by the digital bank WebBank.

Gemini card benefits:

  • Instant refund up to 3% for purchases to your Gemini account.
  • The card can be controlled from the app which is available on iOS and Android.
  • It can be linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Live agent 24/7 customer support.
  • No fee for the card application.
  • No annual service fee.
  1. Coinbase Card

Coinbase Card is a plastic Visa debit card for cryptocurrency from the Coinbase crypto exchange. It allows customers to return up to 4% in rewards in cryptocurrency for each purchase. It also allows you to seamlessly buy everyday goods using cryptocurrency, and it will also allow users to spend any crypto assets in their portfolio. The card is linked to a Coinbase account, where you can manage your card settings.

Coinbase card benefits:

  • No annual fee, free registration.
  • Automatically converts all cryptocurrencies into US dollars for any purchases, allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs with the Visa logo.
  • The card can be instantly frozen in case of fraud.
  • Two-step verification, PIN code.
  • Mobile app with push notifications after every transaction.
  • 4% cashback in cryptocurrency for card spending.
  1. Wirex crypto card

Another popular crypto platform has released the Wirex Visa debit card, which allows users to manage both fiat and cryptocurrency accounts, as well as exchange for fiat without fees. Users can be rewarded with cashback when they buy something with the card.

Wirex card benefits:

  • 2% cashback for all card purchases. Cashback paid in WXT, a native token of the platform that can be converted into any cryptocurrency.
  • Withdrawal up to $1,400 from an ATM per day and deposit to your card up to $2,500.
  • Push notifications in the app.
  • Supports 36 cryptocurrencies and more than 150 national currencies.
  • Instantly converts cryptocurrencies to local currency at retail outlets and ATMs.
  • $10 bonus in WXT when you refer a friend.
  • No service charge.
  • Cryptocurrency withdrawal max $10,000/transaction and up to $50,000/day.


Cryptocurrency is the money of the future, so the presence of a plastic card for physical purchases contributes to its distribution and development, and with the variety of cards on the market, you can find exactly the one that offers the most benefits, cashback, etc. So, to own crypto wallets with debit cards and have the best crypto debit card looks like a good idea or if you prefer credit cards option you can do it also.

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