Clean mining coin transactions executed

  • Elena Klimovich
  • 18:30 Feb 17, 2023
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Clean mining coin transactions executed

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) became the first company to execute a pure BTC transaction. CleanSpark transferred coins to Melanion Capital.

SBP encourages miners to use green sources to mine cryptocurrencies. The company's product is the Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC), an environmentally friendly asset in the chain as BTC is produced using pure energy, with transaction verification by the third side. Mining companies that only run on green energy work in programs for free.  As a result, interest in clean energy sources should grow.

Based on the information in the press release, CleanSpark, which is based in Georgia and works on nuclear energy, sold coins to Melanion Capital, an alternative investment company. According to Elliot David, the price per SBC is about $980. This discount is due to the fact that this was the first time such an operation had taken place.

Now taking into account the level of energy consumption, the price of SBC reaches $1150, and this can increase the income of the mining company by 5%.

Bitcoin mining companies can get the coins for free and use the surplus natural gas that is generated during production. According to Bitmain spokesman Jihan Wu, the deal could be a landmark moment in the entire BTC industry.

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