Montana is close to passing a law on miners' rights

  • 11:00 Feb 25, 2023
Montana is close to passing a law on miners' rights

A bill that would regulate the "right to mine" is being prepared to be sent to the governor for his signature. However, before that, it will be considered in the House of Representatives. 

The document indicates the need to protect the rights for mining and create legal certainty for all who work in the field of cryptocurrency mining. It is due to the prospect of stabilizing the network and generating profits in the process of modernizing the infrastructure. 

Satoshi Action Fund, which advocates for the adoption of bitcoin, helped a lot in drafting the law. A representative of the fund spoke about the authorities' attempts to force miners out using zoning laws and the introduction of higher electricity rates. 

As a reminder, in 2019, Missoula County, Montana, passed rules allowing cryptocurrency mining only in industrial areas and using only renewable energy. If the mining law is passed, these rules will cease to apply.

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