Record values in BTC mining recorded in October

  • 11:36 Nov 02, 2022
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Record values in BTC mining recorded in October

Despite the total downturn in the crypto market, last month saw record highs in several metrics: BTC hashrate and complexity level.

On October 23 bitcoin's complexity level reached 36.84 T, an all-time high. This figure might be adjusted downward by 1.51% on November 6.

Block #758138 recorded a hashrate of 325.11 EH/s on October 10. It is also a historical maximum. It is noteworthy that the value was set in a bearish market.

The second half of October saw volatility in the BTC hashrate due to hardware upgrades, and a change of locations to more favorable ones in terms of energy costs.

Foundry, the largest mining pool, produced 1,186 thousand blocks from 4,578 thousand blocks during the 30 days of October. As for bitcoin value, October was the best month in recent times, as the price of the first cryptocurrency managed to grow by 5.1%.

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